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  • I installed it but the help menu of the program is not active.

  • I am on a Mac and it is hard to copy paste, select things and it crashes several times. The idea is good and the programmers might be pretty good, but they are a disaster with UX.

  • Light and easy product. Best used for quick prototyping.

  • No UML 2.0 support (tested sequence diagram). Very bare-bone. Completely unintuitive interface (try adding, moving elements).

  • Best app for creating diagrams for projects

  • Easy to use, works nice on Linux.

  • It is not backward compatible (does not read) .violet files created with previous versions.

  • This is an excellent application if you're not looking for all the bells and whistles that applications like Rational Rose have. It has exactly what you need to draw quick UML diagrams. The interface is clean and simple. The three things that I loved the most: 1. Application size (jar file) is so small that I can actually add it to my project folder, so in the future I will not suffer for not having the app for editing my diagrams. No installation needed! 2. Diagrams are saved in an HTML format... and the HTML file includes an embedded image version of your diagram! That really rocks! You don't even need the application to see your old diagrams! 3. Creating a diagram is super easy. You don't get lost in windows with dozens of options. Wish list: 1. Texts in the Class > Properties > Name field should be "centered". It works very good when you have just a class name, but looks strange when you add an extra line to it (like a stereotype). 2. Adding different class background colors. Exactly what I was looking for. Great job!

  • Great job on 2.0.0! Printing works much better than in 0.21.1!

  • Has all the essential features students need , easy to learn, easy to use !

  • Very usefull and really easy to use, thanks.

  • Awesome app, thanks for sharing!

  • Very helpful, fast and easy product!

  • Wonderful project! Thanks for amazing work!

  • very interesting project!

  • This is an easy way to create (and teach) UML diagrams. Unfortunately, I can't use it because the diagrams can't be exported in a way that preserves sufficient quality - no PDF export, copy&paste to other programs simply doesn't work (and the bitmap export functions produce grainy results). It also uses non-standard and annoying save/load/print dialogs - this slows me down. Even if I switch to "Mac Look&Feel", menus and dialogs don't look right (for instance, Mac menus do not have icons). Pity! (Especially because I like Horstmann's books and will be using them in my class soon.)

  • I've used Violet for several efforts, and found it to be a nice tool for drawing quick and dirty Use Case and Class diagrams.

  • The concept is good, but it has some severe bugs and development seems dramatically stalled.

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  • Simple, minimalistic, uncluttered. Therefore very good for quick sketchups. Although, the style of operation takes a bit to get used to.

  • I use Violet to create class diagrams, and I found it most efficiently. But as always, I have a wish: when there are more than four edges going from a node, I would like to move the edges end points on the node and also slide the edges themselve to keep them collision free. But maybe, this is already in the wish list labeled as "Free path edges"?

  • I have looked all over for years for a UML tool like this. Don't know how on earth I missed this one. It is fantastic!

  • Very clean design and has a very stable feel about it. Some simple improvements are needed. For example, you can't center the text inside objects and that is something important for good looking diagrams. Most programs default to centered text. This program is ideal for presentations and papers, and less so for serious developers. I have to add that when the rubber met the road I had to abandon using Violet for serious use. For example, I needed to make a state diagram with about 8 states and needed to label the transitions. The labels cannot be moved relative to the transition, so it was impossible to make a readable diagram because the labels ended up all over the place. :( Still keeping it around when I need a nice looking and simple diagram for documentation or presentations. I have gone back to my old standby of ArgoUML.

  • I thought I could use violet to do activity diagram, I found out it is pretty useless as there is a serious bug with the "decision" component. if you change the property of one decision , it changes all the properties of all existing "decision" components, thus rendering your diagram useless. or as soon as you change the property of one decision, the next decision that you add to your diagram is set to the same property value, and then because of the problem I mentioned above, you cannot fix it, because everytime you change it to something, Violet changes every property for all the other decisions in your diagram.

  • very good project

  • To me Violet provides the quickest way to create UML diagrams. Violet does not provide every little nuance of UML, instead it provides most elements for simple diagrams. This makes me stay focused on the problem rather than on the tool.

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