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  • Parab�ns

  • vimplugin, thanks.

  • works great, thank you!

  • Restrat eclipse and it works fine :)

  • Can't imagine my Eclipse without it. Greatly boosts my productivity

  • Result of the work you can advertise on insurancesniper!

  • I unzipped the vimplugin JAR file into my workspace .plugin directory, but do not see any VimPlugin controls from the IDE. (I'm using Springsource Tool Suite on Windows 7.)

  • It works if you set it up correctly: Copy the .jar file to your Eclipse plugins directory Restart Eclipse Go to "Window -> Preferences: Vimplugin" Enter the location of vim - For linux (and possibly Mac?) users, it's: /usr/bin/vim - For Windows users, you MUST use Cygwin's vim: c:\cygwin\bin\vim-nox.exe You can download Cygwin from To open a file via Eclipse Explorer pane: right-click file name: Open with -> Other -> Internal Editor: Vim To set vim as the default editor for a particular file type: Window -> Preferences: General/Editors/File Associations Select the file type Click "Add" button Select "Vim" from list of Internal Editors Click "Make default" button In my opinion it's well worth the hassle of installing Cygwin on Windows as it gives you the full power of Vim inside of Eclipse. The Eclipse plugins (viplugin, viable, vrapper) which try to emulate Vim all stop short of fully implementing vi in some way. Granted some are better than others (I think viplugin is probably the best one), but they each implement only a subset of Vim's features.

  • Dropped it in the plugins, started an eclipse session, opened a file using "open with -> Vim", and got an unresponsive black window. Set the vimplugin preference location to point to a different installation of vim, same results. Without even being able to see text, much less do anything to it, I have to do the thumbs down. Eclipse helios SR 2 running on windows XP sp2

  • For those couldn't install this, simple copy the .jar file to /usr/lib/eclipse/plugins . Restrat eclipse and it works fine :)

  • the readme file alludes to using jta (java terminal application). played around with that for 20 minutes but could not get any further than eammon so decided to give up as i rather spend the time coding.

  • No documentation or installation instructions. Attempted to install by dropping in Eclipse's dropins directory. "Open with vim" option appears when right-clicking files but does not do anything apparent. I gave up at that point; life is short.