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  • This program is one of my favourites GPX editors/viewers along with SF GPX Editor.

  • Reasonably easy to use - as always, take the time to read and understand the documentation. Easy to install. A good range of features. It does what I need in order to create walking/cycling routes.

  • Operations such as converting waypoints/trackpoints into a route/track need to be integrated with the GUI. For example, multiselect a bunch of waypoints and convert to a route/track. Joining routes/tracks would also be good.

  • Hi Visit the blog "Zona OpenGTS" (www) Thanks !!!

  • Nice program, startup is really fast ! Viking is based on GTK, i already have installed that. Only 1 issue: when i install it drags in gpsbabel and another 300 MB of Qt5 and related deps. Strange to have Qt5 as requirement for a GTK program ?

  • Looks great and downloaded my Garmin tracks in a flash - but couldn't read my device directly and (more critically for me) the app fell over after 10minutes use! uninstalled! So it's free... but unstable. (The point would be to replace Garmin basecamp but while I don't like it at least it stays up...)

  • The Viking GPS data editor is a great tool for managing GPS data. I've been organizing botanical collecting using known collection sites, using coordinates from herbarium collections of hundreds of species of plants. The one difficulty I've had is configuring real-time GPS on my MacBook Pro that runs Mavericks. As far as I can tell, this is impossible. The only potential fix I've heard of is to install a virtual machine running a linux flavor. I haven't gotten that far yet.

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  • Great product!

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  • Summary: Powerful, loaded with features, but steep learning curve. The good: Very powerful, loaded with features; Can display map; Support Open Street Maps; Layers. The bad: No undo feature yet; Steep learning curve.

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  • Great for seeing where I've been on group-lead XC cycling!

  • A very useful tool to provide the ability to edit waypoints and view your GPS usage. Easy to edit tracks for uploading to Open Street Maps to remove some certain references like where I live. I use it at work to generate images of data gathered by GPS. I have not used all the features in the current release yet.

  • Easy to install and use.

  • Thanks all You Rock!

  • I use this every single day! I really liked it.

  • Very good tool to plan routes and to analyze the tracks after wards.

  • Excellent work.

  • Lacks an "Undo" button, can't move groups of points between layers. Other than this, it's very nice code.

  • Planned a transalp with it, works great!

  • It is nice to edit GPX files with.

  • simple and usefull!

  • <3 it !!!

  • Very usefull software.

  • This is a great piece of code. I've used it several times and recommended it highly to people looking for an open source tool for drawing things on maps.

  • Great software, I use it all time. Screenshot with TopOSM maps loaded.

  • Great software which I use to look at how fast and where I sailed on a catamaran.

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