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  • Better than ranger.

  • This is a must-try for anybody who is used to vi-type of software. After a couple of days of fiddling around, this became my default file manager. Also, the developers seems to be closely monitoring internet forums and provide feedback. Thanks for a great piece of software.

  • Easy to use, low on resources and with excellent manual.

  • Delightful for vim users! Easy to use, light, just what you need for easy and fast browsing of files. Great replacement for GNU Midnight Commander.

  • Terrific !

  • Same as many other: exactly what I was dreaming of. Now I will drift further and further away from normal people into vi-land ;)

  • vifm works perfectly, thanks

  • Great stuff!! exactly what I was looking for! Please please keep on maintaining :)

  • Vifm is a best filemanager for those people who like vim or programming in vim or smth else. It has great functionality and the same keymapping. Try to dowload it.

  • Vifm is an excellent TUI file manager that looks to have a good future.

  • vifm is exactly what I've been looking for. A file manager that can be controlled with hjkl, dd, yy and p for cut/copy and paste and even marks for bookmarking files - I love it! It even respects quantifiers before commands. In the vifmrc configuration file you can set up own colon-commands and define simple rules what file types (based on extensions) should be opened with which program. vifm features a trash which is enabled by default, but can be disabled easily by editing the very clean and neat configuration file. Very handy, I used to use pcmanfm exclusively but quickly dismissed it after falling in love with the vim editor and in turn vifm. Thumbs up!

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  • vifm is a lighterweight alternative to Midnight Commander and is a better example of the Unix tools philosophy.