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  • dreamafox
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    Nice work ! Great project.

    Posted 06/21/2013
  • vihv
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    Editing html on the site by end user, even with WYSIWYG cause a lot of troubles. First of all - design gone wild. Crossbrowsing run away. Risk of XSS, well this the real trouble.. for example you should allow some scripts. For example - counters, like OpenStat or GoogleAnalytics. But you should not allow other scripts, for example a hacker can create script to change target attribute for login form (if comments and login form for comment are located on same page? for example) and stole the password. So XML is a good decision. You allow user to modify only data, not the way it looks. You can analyze this data. If user need a counter he just create a new tag like <counter engine="openstat" id="4236547"/> and the developer has total control over behavior. I want to give this idea a try. So i searched for web-based XML editors. First i tried codemirror - show, and i often get non valid xml, so i need at least autoclosing. WYMeditor looks suitable, but it works for XHTML, not XML, i found no way to add custom tag (maybe it is possible somehow, just not found in an hour - at least usability problem). Xopus - demo looks good, bu the licensee.. even if we pay all this money we cant redistribute it, and so we cant use it in our products. Simple web-site cost about 100$ and minimal xopus cost is 1000$, wtf??? Of cause, customers don't want to pay for xopus. We found that it will be cheaper to create our own web-based XML editor. And so we create VHWX. As for we sell our sites as opensource anyway, there is no reason to hide it from the community. You can support the project by sending use bug reports with this form http://vihv.org/index.php?e=Feedback Any ideas how to make it better or contributions are also welcome. We promise that VHWX will alway be opensource.

    Posted 06/26/2011