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  • ./configure works make ... DOES NOT work. IF you are a programmer fine.. but COME ON! put some descriptive instruction on istallation. I cant install it. So. IF i cant .. imagine the hundreds of people that cant. UNTIL you do 1 star. NOT user friendly. waste of an hour HOPING i can get his to work. IF there is a way to install this? you need to tell noobs. Most people are not experts and you NEED to consider that.

  • cool game. great work! i like it so much

  • Good and useful software

  • thanks.

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  • Interesting game that lives up to the name"Space Simulator" much more than most commercial products. It is also a decent space shooter unlike any other. It features inertia and currently through patches one can experiment with gravity. Many good ideas and thought has been put into ship technology and how it supposedly works. One thing that is missing though is polish, so if your a artist or developer or someone who can help with fixing the details the community would appreciated it.

  • Useful! No any words! vegastrike good job!

  • great program vegastrike, thanks.

  • I like this program. Thanks!

  • Awesome app, thanks for sharing!

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  • Very helpful, fast and easy product!

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  • Wonderful project! Thanks for amazing work!

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  • Takes some practice but it's totally worth it!

  • Nice not-easy game. recommend! thanks

  • I like this one, great project!

  • very worthy project for a small development team, I hope that in future authors will delight us with new versions!

  • The version 1.51 dont found with ati video 128 Mb agp 9200 8x (with update drive ok) the screen goes white

  • Good project! Thank.

  • An excellent example of quality in the field of open source gaming.

  • Windows 7 (x64), didn't run. :-(

  • Great game.

  • Elite, privateer, freelancer, a genre the industry has been neglecting brought alive by the power of opensource. What is there not to like? No wonder I'm contributin ;)

  • very good project

  • Excellent idea, the game mechanics are outstanding, excellent simulaiton on gravity, inertia and acceleration, while trade aspects are fairly good, and combat system is well done, too. It would be much better if instead of improving sound system, graphics, interfaces, etc, a multiplayer system is enhanced, as it would call the attention of the gaming community and developpers.

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