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  • this is the best Xserver i used in the last years. Xming has problems with copy/paste and become impossible to work with EMACS editor using windows. This server solved the problem definitively . i used for year CYGWIN due this issue but it's very heavy system and difficult to make the configuration only to use the XSERVER. This X was the best solution and work excellent in new windows 10 .

  • After using it VcXsrv for years, I can really say that VcXsrv is by far better than the any other xserver I've used on windows.

  • Wow! This project has enabled me to launch and use GUI Linux apps on Windows through WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux). I've created this account just to write this 5 star review!

  • It installed and worked, unlike other X servers for windows

  • I was looking for an Xserver for Windows 10 32-bit to connect with Ubuntu 16.04. I was first introduced to Xming, I figured the latest version of Xming wasn't completely free. I had found and tried older free version, but ran into a bunch of problems with loading errors and fonts. Sometimes the popup windows were out of bounds of screen and fonts were messed up. Some programs didn't load at all. As with VcXsrv, it worked right out of the box, didn't have to tweak anything. It just worked perfectly and fast. Thanks to developers for all the work and making it available for free!

  • marha, please, give usage help in the wiki (the one printing out with -help option). Great software! Million thanks!

  • I could not use clipboard with XMing. I installed VcXsrv and now the problem is solved

  • I needed an X-server for the Windows Subsystem for Linux in Windwos 10. I tried the public domain version 6.9 of Xming before VcXsrv and the latter is so much better! With VcXsrv the DPI is automatically recognised and the fonts are properly scaled out of the box. I am using VcXsrv in multi window mode and I am enjoying seamlessly mixing native Windows 10 and native Ubuntu graphic programs without the need for Virtual Machines or remote connections.

  • Works fine. Easy and fast. The best XServer at this time. EDIT: performance is about 75%, but it's NOT A PROBLEM of VcXsrv. This is a "feature" of SSH implementation (by design). XRDP (also free) performance is about 95% because don't encrypt data. If you need performance, i suggest XRDP. if you need performance+encrypt xrdp+openVPN. VcXsrv works fine as XServer. (remember, you need install update KB2999226).Thanks.

  • The best x server on windows OS.

  • I'm using it with windows linux subsystem so I can run XFCE on windows 10. Works the best of all the xwindows i tried. the UI needs some work, or maybe documentation. The setup choices are confusing.

  • Very useful to run x windows over a Windows OS

  • Excellent

  • WOW Maximize window works in terminator!! As another guy said best for Bash on Ubuntu on Windows. Also the default DPI is excellent.

  • Probably the best X11 server for the new Linux Runtime for Windows 10. (aka: Ubuntu Bash Shell)

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  • ORIGINAL SPRING 2016 -- Thanks for software. It works. X11 forwarded from VPS (OpenSUSE Linux with XFCE) over SSH (Putty client on Windows 10). Then multiple Chromium windows can be started from Putty console command line. There is quite a bit of gobbleydegook appearing in console window, but doesn't affect the Chrome windows. Clipboard works fine in both directions. Quite stable (I think crashed once or twice in a couple of months daily use -- but who knows what element in the chain was responsible for this.) Don't forget to put same X11 session number in Putty and in VcXsrv. Could be a little more pretty and automated, but on a day to day basis, works great. UPDATE DECEMBER 2016 -- VcXsrv is great. Now using every day for eight months. Never crashes. And starting the X server can be automated in fact (a little tricky with the file, but eventually you get it). And then you learn that WINDOWS CAN BE RESIZED. And you can have AS MANY WINDOWS as you like. All on your Windows 10 desktop (and with MULTIPLE MONITORS too), pointed via Putty to your remote Linux server. So, even more a vote of confidence. UPDATE MARCH 2018 -- VcXsrv now in use TWO YEARS. X11 to multiple VPS instances. All above comments apply. Works great. (Still on -- plan to update later in spring '18). Rock solid.

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  • Thanks for this nice software.

  • There is no need to use obsolete Xming. VcXsrv is PERFECT solution!!!

  • Brilliant, fast and light, runs perfectly on windows 10. no font issues.

  • Easy to install, work flawlessly.

  • It works really smooth indeed, thanks for developing this!

  • It is much better than x-win32 and it is free: 1) it launches faster than x-win32 (1sec vs 5sec) 2) it runs faster than x-win32, xclock pops up immediately (x-win32 takes 3sec for xclock to pop up) 3) x-win32 will pop up a window, asking whether to allow connection from ::1, which is stupid, of course allow to connect, and even if I choose to remember by selecting 'always', after disconnect and close, the next time it pops up again. This one has no such silly pop up, it starts to work right away. Fast and accurate!-:)

  • Congratulations to the developer! This is just an excellent build of X windows. It's fast, looks perfect, installs easily.

  • Documentation is a bit lite However if you have moved from somthing like Xming then the same command line options work. e.g to run in the background as multiwindow with clipboard :0 -clipboard -multiwindow The advantage over Xming is that Copy and Paste works as it should with out any issues.

  • Easy to install and does the job!

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