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  • Congratulations to the developer! This is just an excellent build of X windows. It's fast, looks perfect, installs easily.

  • Documentation is a bit lite However if you have moved from somthing like Xming then the same command line options work. e.g to run in the background as multiwindow with clipboard :0 -clipboard -multiwindow The advantage over Xming is that Copy and Paste works as it should with out any issues.

  • Easy to install and does the job!

  • This software is awesome!! Just worked better for me.. Greaattt... :)

  • This program works quite well. I have tried Xwin32, Mobaxterm, and Xming and they do not work as good as VcXsrv. VcXsrv ii faster than Xwin32, it more stable than Mobaxterm, and it just works unlike Xming.

  • Finally, a simple but solid X server for windows. The Cygwin X server crashes when launching certain programs. Xming won't copy and paste reliably. VcXsrv just works.

  • Vcxsrv is the best! Thanks.

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  • After an endless search for a fix of Xming's broken clipboard or for an alternative X-server on Windows I found VcXsrv. Finally copy and paste works fine between Linux and Windows. I can only recommend it. Thank you for the great work.

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  • Good software, good program to use in our company without the bugs of Xming :D Please keep up the good work!

  • I just put together a linux server box and I wanted to connect to it from my Windows XP desktop. I had previously downloaded Xming as it was the first open source X server for Windows that I had come across. I finally discovered how to do what I wanted and that involved using xlaunch and creating an XDMCP session. But Xming was not exactly stable in my lightdm lxsession environment. Windows were difficult to move and I could only go through 1 or 2 session invocations before Xming would crash. After some investigation I decided VcXsrv would be worth a try and it was. Windows move and size with alacrity and sessions can come and go with no VcXsrv problems. VcXsrv comes with fonts that render the screen exactly as it is rendered by the native Xorg server. Xming used Windows XP fonts which looked pretty good but weren't the right size. Overall, I rate VcXsrv vastly superior to Xming. By the way, for those who don't already know, the SourceForge version of Xming hasn't been updated since 2007. Oh, one more thing. A VcXsrv XDMCP session can actually survive a Windows XP suspend to ram and subsequent resume.

  • Best free X server for windows by a long shot.

  • How about a native x64 build?

  • Simply perfect!

  • Great - maybe the best - alternative to Xming (at least, the open version of the latter). Works fast and stable, and I am not experiencing the copy&paste troubles I was encountering with Xming anymore!

  • Wonderful work. It's better than Xming on my Windows 7 laptop. I love this project. Keep your nice work.

  • Really great work. I love this software. New wiki in the making too, so should be easier for new users to get going. Give it a try, you won't regret it :)

  • Nice tool!

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  • Very nice app :)

  • No configuration, no problem, good performances, easy to use. Nearly perfect.

  • Just tested this X Server, far better than Xming, its opengl support is perfect.

  • Thank you. I've been struggling with problems with Xming's copy and paste functionality and stability and this just works, and does so flawlessly.

  • Great X windows server. Works tons better than last openly available Xming. No crashes, no erratic behaviour. Great job!

  • great software / works well. maybe you can test it on a vmware windows xp too ...

  • Practical and easy to use, Regards.

  • This a very interesting project BUT it cannot work on Windows 2000 since function Attachconsole from kernel32.dll gives an error message which I think is connected to the following bug report on MSDN site: There is a bug in the header file wincon.h, on line 753, which defines AttachConsole conditionally with: #if (_WIN32_WINNT >= 0x0500) Note that 0x0500 is what _WIN32_WINNT_WIN2K defines to, on line 24 of sdkddkver.h: #define _WIN32_WINNT_WIN2K 0x0500 We just shipped product that crashes on startup for our Windows 2000 clients, because of this.

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