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V.5.1 [Final version, I have stopped updating it, thanx for the support and I will move on to a better one] 2012-06-26 55 weekly downloads
V.5.0 2012-06-16 22 weekly downloads
V.4.3 2012-06-05 11 weekly downloads
V.4.2 2012-05-17 11 weekly downloads
V.4.1 2012-05-13 11 weekly downloads
V.4.0 2012-05-07 11 weekly downloads
V.3.9 [Not ad-supported anymore] 2012-05-03 11 weekly downloads
V.3.8 2012-04-29 22 weekly downloads
V.3.7 2012-04-18 11 weekly downloads
V.3.6 2012-04-04 11 weekly downloads
V.3.5 2012-03-28 11 weekly downloads
V.3.4 [Please dont download this version, it has lots of bugs] 2012-03-26 0
V.3.3 2012-03-19 22 weekly downloads
V.3.2 2012-03-16 22 weekly downloads
V.3.1 2012-03-11 11 weekly downloads
V.3.0 2012-03-08 11 weekly downloads
V.2.4 2012-03-02 11 weekly downloads
V.2.3 2012-03-01 11 weekly downloads
V.2.2 2012-02-24 11 weekly downloads
V.2.11 2012-02-24 22 weekly downloads
V.2.1 2012-02-23 22 weekly downloads
V.1.9 2012-02-21 11 weekly downloads
ReadMe.txt 2012-06-26 9.1 kB 11 weekly downloads
VBTheory Calculator V.5.1 built on 2012-06-26 Thank you for using VBTheory calculator by VBTheory Programs This program is a FREEWARE Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPrebUKVrEs How to use: Once the application loades up, you will have in front of you buttons put into their respective groups, you can do some ordinary calculations or dive a little bit further in trigonometry. You can also use some keyboard shortcuts to ease up. You can press the down-facing arrow or 'L' on your keyboard to reveal your history or press the right-facing arrow to reveal the variables which contains value you store for further use. Both of these can be saved to a .vbtlog file and be loaded for later use either by pressing CTRL+O for opening and CTRL+S for saving or use the commands from their respective menus. If you're not satisfied with your current settings, you can easily edit them through the settings window easily accessible throught its menu. There, you can change the current language, backup or restore those settings or mainly, download new updates when available to keep-up with the latest features and fixes. In case you have some units you need to convert, head onto the unit converter found on the menu bar, where you can convert between 42 different units and also, go a little bit more advanced in time conversion through the time converter. If you're however not satisfied with the current features, you can use the feedback tool to request some new features or help us fix some problems. For informations about the programs, visit the about menu and for more detailed features, check the changelog down below: Coming soon: -Binary calculator (And maybe hexadecimal and octal). Update history: V.5.1: -Fixed log scrollbars. -Fixed some variables bugs. -Added external language files, ready to be translated by anyone! -Added seperate language files for message boxes. -The language importer automatically detects if there is another translation of the same language. -Fixed the misleading group title. -Edited the highlight on the menus. -New ans button allowing to recall the latest result. -The variables are now shown by default. -Fixed the splash screen overlapping update messages. -Restored the help button into the menu. -Multiple bug fixes. -Help can be easily closed using the escape button. -Slight layout reorganization. -Fixed some visual glitches. -In case the update fails, you will be redirected to the manual download. V.5.0: -Major and complete new UI to make it a bit more modern and blend it with the upcoming windows 8. -Added a new log10 button. -Added a new auto-recovery option fully customizable through the options. -Fixed saving errors. -New fraction button allowing you to insert fractions. -The update manager automatically detects the system language. V.4.3: -Fixed the file converter. -Fixed the back/delete button sign for some people. -Added the smooth animation to all controls. -You can't now exit the splash by hitting ALT-F4. -Fixed multiple instances of the wizard when pressing skip update. -Fixed a bug with the minus button. -Removed lots of annoying messages. -You can now convert negative values by pressing the minus button. -Enhanced some controls with the look and feel of windows. -Fixed the "Enable Splash Screen" setting. -Added "Always on Top" option in the misc. menu or by pressing CTRL+T. -Restored Right-Click menus. -Fixed memory bugs. -You can now hold ctrl and press the unit converter button to show the time converter. V.4.2: -New blinking button if updates are available. -Major Improvements to the update manager. -FIxed stuck tray icon. -Fixed some text-to-speech bugs. -More fixes to stuck keys. -More fixes to the cancel button on the splashscreen and the updater. -Ability to save and restore settings. -Fixed duplicate wizard window. -New advanced time converter easily accessible from the unit converter. -Fixed stuck process and no display. -Fixed sudden crash without error. V.4.1: -Removed some annoying messages. -Few tweaks to the delete button. -Fixed stuck buttons. -Fixed memory save button weird behaviour. -Fixed the "E+" stuck in the text field. -Added minimize to tray. -Fixed saving notificator. -Fixed the file opening error. V.4.0: -Fixed the log integration. -The updater now shows the update download progress. -Cool fade-in/fade-out effect for the splashscreen. -Lots of bug fixes with the splashscreen. -Fixed more bugs with the recent menu. -The variables gets saved and loaded with the log. -New "Skip update" button on the splashscreen to fix some bugs. -Fixed a bug with the inner updater. -Added .vbtlog fixer built into the open function. -Made error messages more informative and precise. -Fixed carshing with the splashscreen. v.3.9: -Changed the fonts to lighter ones. -More bug fixes to the recent menu. -The cancel option on exit is back and fully working. -Fixed the problem getting the last line cropped out. -Fixed updater bugs. -The updater shows changelog now. -Added an option to enable or disable the splash screen. -Improved and fixed the text-to-speech. -Fixed some bugs with the wizard and the first time launch. -Fixed the recent menu not saving entries. -Fixed more bugs with mode switching. -Finally, the enter key acts as '=' . -Re-oragnized options menu. V.3.8: -Fixed the reset option. -Added tips on hover with disabling option. -Fixed some log converting bugs. -Fixed shortcuts disabling glitch. -Disabled startup lag with a cool splash screen. -Few tweaks to the feedback tool. V.3.7: -New framework for the log files (older logs must be converted using the converting tool in the open menu). -Language translations v.3.5 . -New update window with more informations. -Fixed options window crashes. -More options added to the feedback tool. V.3.6: -Added a new feedback tool to improve the project. -Added a bug reporter to help fix the bugs. -Fixed lag in multiple cases. -Fixed minor bugs. V.3.5: -Fixed lots of bugs that showed up in V.3.4. V.3.4: -Fully re-organized about. -Added update manager -New smooth animation for the hide/show log/variables. -Fixed few operators bugs. V.3.3: -New open menu behaviour. -Faster mode switching. -New delete selected button behaviour. -Fixed more bugs related to mode switching. -The hyperbolic values' shortcut is changed to 'h'. -Fixed root bugs. -Major visual tweaks. -Fixed double help glitch. -You don't need to use the numeric keypad to type your values anymore (All the keys with numbers work now). V.3.2: -Fixed more bugs related to mode switching. -New saving status indicator(*). -You can now reorder the toolstrip by holding the ALT key (Layout saving coming soon). -New behaviour with the recent menu. -New keyboard shortcuts. -New first time only language prompt. -Translated message boxes. -Few bug fixes. -More visual tweaks. -Language translations V.3 V.3.1: -Couple visual tweaks. -Language translations V.2b. -You can use the control key to apply tanh, cosh or sinh funtions. -Fixed multiple unit converter bugs. V.3.0: -Traslation to 2 new languages: French and norwegian(Beta). -Bug FIxes. V.2.4: -Prompt for log saving when opening another log. -Recently opened logs. -Added preview button in the about box. V.2.3: -Fixed some problems related to mode switching. -Fixed few bugs. -PREVIEW NOW AVAILABLE. V.2.2: -Added possibility to change mode between scientific and standard. -Smooth animation to mode switching. V.2.11: -Fixed strange bugs. V.2.1: -Fully working unit converter with 10 conversion types and lots of units. -New cancel button on the exit prompt. -Fixed memory bugs. V.2.0: -Options are now fully working. -Slightly reorganized layout and replaced the menu strip with a tool strip. -Added unit converter but not done yet. -Few bug fixes. V.1.9: -Fixed problems with “MATH ERROR”. -Added the variables slot. -Changed log saving behavior to a more logic one. -Dramatically reduced size from 23.8MB to 387KB. -Fixed trigonometry bugs. V.1.8: -You can now choose a value for “^” and root. -More bug fixes. V.1.7: -Added shell integration. -Added smooth animation and glow to buttons. V.1.61: -Added delete button. -Fixed minor bugs. V.1.6: -Added prompt for saving log when closing. V.1.5: -Added help. -Changed the layout. -Added support for Save/Load Log. V.1.2: -Changed the layout. -Added trigonometric value and function plus square and square root. -Added contextual menu to the log and changed behavior with negative values. -Added new memory monitor. -Changed behavior of operators. -Fixed bugs. V.1.1: -Changed the layout. -Added a menu strip. -Fixed lag (removed log slide effect, sorry) and some bugs. V.1.0: -Added point. -Added log with a cool slide effect. -Fixed bugs. V.0.1b: -Changed the layout. -Made it easier to see work and ability to view the operator. -Fixed lots and lots of bugs. V.0.1a: -Created the calculator. VBTheory™ - All Rights Reserved - 2012
Source: ReadMe.txt, updated 2012-06-26