Visual Basic .Net , Nvidia Physx (PHYSICS - ATI INTEL ETC. COMPATIBLE) , DirectX 9 (using SlimDX) 3D ENGINE/HELPER/WRAPPER

This project incorporates these technology into a simple Open Source Engine, allowing simple access to Nvidia PhysX library using DirectX 9 (VIA - SLIMDX) to render "Simulations/Games" ALL IN VB.NET -with- C# and other .NET language compatibility.

Visuals now include .X model loading with Animations and Skeletons (shaders) Level loading and AUTOMATIC object (mesh) type detection and classifying ALLOWING ONE .X MESH to be built with LIGHTS, AUTOMATIC CLOTHS, DOORS, DYNAMIC OBJECTS, TERRAIN MESHES AND DYNAMIC MESHES, CAMERAS, PORTALS, DUMMIES ETC... all by simple NAMING of objects then the LEVEL LOADER. (partial)

Script editor (coming soon) for final setting of Door (to and from portals), Camera , Animation , Physics Fine tuning and Custom shaped/breakable objects, light color and intensity modification with flickering and breakable lights, Inventory,etc


  • Direct3d 9 Rendering via SlimDX
  • Physx .NET + Helper module (working, but under construction)
  • Vb. NET project BUT C# compatible (Some code was from a C# sample)
  • .X 3d file loading with Animation, Skin,Texture, Cloths and full Hierarchy support
  • Hierarchy Helper module (Clone 3d objects, separate Meshes, search object names)
  • Under Construction - Script system with automatic level/mesh Physx loading
  • Full Public Declared Helper modules (access Helpers and data anywhere)
  • ADDED TEXTURES in (\bin\debug) used with a demo room plus many more textures
  • LIGHTING/REALTIME SHADOWING (under construction)
  • MULTI TEXTURE per object auto loading (Working), with Bump mapping (under construction)
  • CLOTH AUTOMATIC LOADING - Set a object as cloth and automatic load & rendering with PHYSX (HLSL Lighting Working. Texturing not complete))
  • AUTOMATIC classification of unlimited OBJECTS at loadtime
  • CHARACTER MODULE - Skinned mesh + Animation loading with Control & Physx (All Automatic)
  • HIT REPORT / COLLISION CALLBACKS - Working, manual settings currently for SUB DELEGATE and reaction
  • INPUT - DIRECT INPUT for Keyboard control NOW (multi button presses at a time)
  • CHILD/PARENT PHYSX objects hierarchy allowing multiple Children per Parent with different collision shapes
  • HLSL (High Level Shader Language) for all lighting Mesh,Skinned Mesh and Cloths NOW IMPLEMENTED!
  • IN PROCESS - PREShaders being added to HLSL to dramatically speed up lighting rendering
  • IN PROCESS - Fog and Real time Shadowing NEXT to be added to lighting engine
  • AUTOMATIC LOADING and IMPLEMENTING OF CAMERAS with Targets, Free and Dolly options

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Project is a 3D engine

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Visual Basic .NET