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  • software window bigger than the screen !!! impossible to resize because the button for validated is not visible ...

  • This project seems obsolete. Last updated 2013. I've migrated to Mp4 Video 1 Click (search it here at sourceforge or google it). It does all the video and audio conversion and enhancement in one mouse click. Output mp4 can be played by all the devices. Also the app I've migrated to contains full-featured latest FFMPEG and it is open source too.

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  • It worked perfectly and fast. I converted my dodgy mov files that did not play properly on my pc into mp4 that work well. The software worked fine just on time for being able to display videos at an international conference. I'd recommend 100% Thank you!!!

  • Best so far! converted a file flawlessly that so many other converters didn't! In HD! Interface is good, but a bit hard to use. I liked the details when converting, can see what is going on

  • Seems not supported any more. Unable to create AVI, unable to change location of output files and many more quite old unrepaired bugs.

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  • It's not that much stable anymore. You should upgrade this converter. Had issue while working with 3+ gb video.

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  • Good and useful software

  • This is a pretty good software but if you want something that has more features and does not use above 50% CPU, you should really try ace video converter as it is also on SourceForge. I just reviewed it and i think you guys should give it a go.

  • Unfortunately, I could not get this app to convert any files. There does not appear to be enough error handling as it dropped out to the debugger a couple of times. Apparently looking for the ini file in the wrong location. I would like to see this project developed a bit more.

  • Good program, very comfortable that the source code is open.

  • very good project