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Version Complete rewrite in WPF - much faster and slicker Completely redesigned interface Updated FFmpeg to latest version Faster conversion due to threads support Multiple bug fixes and additions Silently updates both the program and FFmpeg Option of updating FFmpeg Lots of bugfixes and code optimisations Version Added multiple file conversion Completely redesigned interface Added misc options Updated FFmpeg to latest version Version Fixed output location button not working Added delete button Major cleanup of code Redesigned interface Drag'n'Drop adding Improved splitting of devices Updated FFmpeg to latest version Version Added iPad video conversion Fixed bug when input file is removed Sub categorised devices in Device Mode Keeps conversion settings if conversion is cancelled Details are automatically re-centered Fixed error with portability Changed default framerate from PAL to NTSC Added input file information Fixed major installer bug Version Updated FFmpeg to latest version Completely changed user interface Removed Windows 7 taskbar feature Compressed FFmpeg to save space Version Changed icon for updater Added HD mode Added tabbed options Video pane dissapears in audio mode Moved frame rate to advanced tab Moved sample rate and channels to advanced tab Fixed H.264 encoding bug Version Added iPod H.264 conversion Added Apple TV H.264 Added MKV conversion Added MKV profile Cleaner source code Version Automatically downloads .NET 4 Removed auto-update feature Version Added H.264 encoding Added H.264 profile Added iPhone and iPod H.264 encoding Added option to show and hide details during conversion Added MKA audio conversion Version AAC encoding bug fixed Added feature request menu Added bug tracker menu Added wiki link Version Using own compiled FFmpeg Significantly reduced file size Updated installer and Format to 2.0 Version Added many more input formats Updated FFmpeg to latest version Added more audio formats Version Added audio mode Added audio profiles Added FLV conversion Version Majorly improved GUI Removed Duration Added MOV format Added iPhone conversion Fixed many bugs Added ability to remove input file using backspace or delete Details now shows time taken and remaining Updated FFmpeg to latest version Added Wii conversion Added Apple TV Added PSP conversion Added PS3 conversion Version Fixed bug where some supported file types were not accepted Fixed bug where easy mode is disabled Version Stopped unsupported files being selected Added many more profiles Added MSMPEG4 in AVI Fixed major update bug Version Fixed update bug Updater shows progress in taskbar again Added device mode and many profiles Update check on startup now occurs in background Version Automatically checks for updates on start Added frame rate Added audio sample rate Added checking of duration of input file Version Added audio channels Radically changed layout Increased max bitrate Version Can now choose custom video sizes Size now displayed for presets Automatically deletes file if error or canceled Version Added ASF conversion Added ASF to easy mode Added WMV to Easy mode Version Improved GUI Updated FFmpeg to latest version Removed Vorbis due to error Added FLAC to OGG GPL used as license Sourceforge used for hosting Version Improved updater Improved layout of selection screen Added size feature Removed aspect ratio Version Updated FFmpeg to latest version Version Significantly improved updater Version Added more profiles to easy mode Version Added easy mode and profiles Version Added mode selection and improved updater Version Added many more input formats Version Added about box Version Added progress bar and details to updater Version Added MPEG conversion and extention box Version Added OGG conversion Version Added WMV conversion Version Added more audio codecs for MP4 Version Fixed compatibility for Win XP with Win 7 Taskbar Version Improved layout of selection screen Version Improved Win 7 Taskbar progress bar by using Microsoft .dll Version Added progress bar to details and to Win 7 Taskbar Version Added cancel button Version Updated to latest FFmpeg Version Version Improved updater Version Improved Updater Version Added audio and video bitrates and aspect ratio Version Added updater Version Removed detail from output Version Fixed major bug to do with overwriting Version Added MP3 audio to MPEG4 video Version Fixed major bug with location of converted file Version Filename is automatically used from original Version Updated to latest FFmpeg Version Version Added Log Version Added AVI and Xvid conversion Version Program Released
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