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  • This is the MAIN reason we no longer write for WinXX systems, the CONSTANT maintenance of a spaghetti-OS Go Linux! Open Source is the Future.

  • Like other users, I'm on Windows 7, and stuck on "snpys bridge is not available" (yes, running as admin, which the authors neglected to mention), having followed the instructions in the "readme.txt", which doesn't exist as a file but can inexplicably be accessed from the Help menu. So, for me, this is about as much use as a fishing rod in the Sahara. It's poorly documented, non-functional and unmaintained. Wish I'd read the reviews first.

  • No joy. ^h^h^h^h (See revision at the end of this review.) The package is a zip. In the zip is one file, an exe. Is it an installer? No, it's the whole app. Where is the readme? Oh, it's under the help menu when you run the app. Then when you have the readme open you can't do anything else with the program. So I copy and paste the readme to notepad. Then follow the instructions. F2. Check, Unpack Drivers. Check. Install Service. Check. Right-click device and choose "Install and Restart". Check. Wait for magic to happen... Uh, no check. Oh, BTW did I mention up front that it needs to be run as admin? Neither did the authors. Did I mention that I ran it as admin? No, I didn't mention that until now. I give it high marks for cutesiness though. "We're not responsible for anything that happens to you, your system, your devices, your marriage, etc. etc." RR. sharlow1 ....... Revising: Works on my XP machine. Does not work on my Windows 7 machine.

  • good

  • works great. NO FRILLS. **TO THE POINT**

  • I'm stuck on Snpys bridge is not available. Trying to run this on Windows 7 (as an administrator) - Drivers were successfullu unpacked - But install service failes "Snpys bridge is not available"

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  • works great.

  • no trouble to install and run, works nicely.

  • no trouble to install and run, works nicely.

  • great job!

  • very good project

  • usbsnoopy is working well for me - my only gripe with this version is that it doesn't show live data (you need to stop the capture to see the data) and that you need to reconnect the device after stopping the capture to get a new capture started (at least, that's the only thing that worked for me)