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  • Great!

  • Thank you all very much.I have been playing Star Control 2 since the very beginning. The 3DO version was my favorite. I have never beaten the game yet, but I now have the HD version and will definitely try. (I'm hooked already, staying up MUCH later than I should.) HD is beautiful to look at. Great job all!

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  • That what I need!

  • Best game ever!

  • An amazing remastered version of an already amazing game.

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  • This is simply fantastic! I never finished this game (although several times I got really close I guess), now I'm going for it for sure!

  • Great work you guys! I admire your work and dedication to redo one of the best games that we grew on. The graphics and sound is wonderful, and so is the game play. The game runs smoothly, no crashes, no bugs, well done! As an adult, I am still enjoying playing it. I actually spend a couple of hours here and there, especially at nights, after the kids a wife go to sleep just to return to my Captain position on my starship, on my mission to free Earth and beat the Ur-Quan! My kids also show interest in it, and even asked to be my starship helpers :) Cheers! Hai

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  • WOW! Thank God it's not Java... PLEASE add to the game options the possibility to delay the ur-quan war by chosen period of years (up to infinite) and the possibility to continue playing after the defeating of the masters. In the future it would be cool if the game wiuld support the player made mods like - new upgrades for the shuttle (which grabs resources), adding new types of recources, new planets, new systems. Just not difficult modding like in terraria, much simple... like in Space Empires 4 :)

  • Thanks for Urquanmastershd, it's excellent!

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  • Does this work on Windows 8?

  • Urquanmastershd works good.

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  • Awesome Game, saw yogscast playing it, reminded me of spore, insantly loved it :D BUT !!! an anoying thing, dunno if it's intended, on spathi ships, when you drop a bomb, it tends to hit your own ship, even when not flying in its direction :/

  • Wow. I was just about to go retro and get into SC2 again, then I found out about the HD project just in time. Truly amazing work. I'd hardly consider this alpha, the gameplay is fantastic. Within an hour I was pretty much convinced not to bother building an MS-DOS 6.22 box to really get the old-school feeling :) You've kept all the important original aspects of the game while bringing it into the modern era. I can't wait to see Talana again ;) Keep up the great work! Where can we donate??

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  • Happy new year to all too. Anyway, I dl'd this hd version and watched the vid. looks good. started it up and part of the windowed screen was off my screen. So i went to the set up to hopefully fix this, selected the 1280x960 option. Noticed it said needs the hires4x files installed. Found those still in zip. extracted em but now don't know what to do with em. I found no read me how to's or a hires4x install program for configuring all this stuff properly and the 1280x960 option didn't fix the problem to boot. Need to know how to get the game to start and display in 1280x960 and how to make sure its running with all options currently available. Found also a zip for 3dosound and a zip for hires2x, do these need to be installed too for the hires4x to work? Also as I explored the opening game play I noticed a few things wrong. First as am stuck in the 4:3 aspect windowed I noticed that the game is being displayed somewhat larger than the window so things like the ship and captain name are cut off and where I would normally see the ship sitting at the bottom edge of sol when I first start it is cut of. So the game size needs to be reworked to fit inside the boundries of the given window. Second as any SC2 fan I have most things memorized so automatically know that when I go to Pluto there are 2 things that show up on the scans. 5 Tzo crystals and 1 Spathi Eluder. Unfortunately the energy scan did not show the Eluders location. I landed anyway to look around from landers point of view. I did indeed find the Eluder but it was located off the bottom of the explorable map with only a pixel worth of its topmost part touching the map. was enough to trigger the next sequence but that isn't the point. It wasn't where it was supposed to be and it didn't show on e scan as it should have, and if this didn't show on e scan how many other things aren't showing properly. This is on no part a bad review, I just was a little upset that I cant enjoy this right now as it is apparently not done enough to include installation and configuration instruction texts. I really look forward to a fully functional 100% complete HD version just as soon as possible. maybe integrating the various hires and 3do components soz everyone can just download and play without having to do anything themselves but go to the in game options menu. I found this in a txt file named stderr.txt. Couldn't set OpenGL 1280x960x32 video mode: No video mode large enough for 1280x960 Falling back to windowed mode!! I thought Opengl didn't have any screen size limits. I have an Nvidia 8400 and my screen is capable of the 1600 widescreen modes at least so not sure why this text has this line in it, but is apparently the reason this isn't displaying properly for me. I have discovered that those zips for 3dosound, hires2x and hires4x are supposed to be extracted in same folder that the zips are in and then left right there.