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Ur-Quan Masters HD Beta 1 Readme **************************************************************** Welcome to Ur-Quan Masters HD, Beta version! Due to improved graphics handling, the 1280x960 mode should now work even on monitors that have smaller native resolution than that. The scaling algorithms fit the 1280x960 to almost any size screen with minimal impact on the image quality. However, very large screens (e.g. Retina displays with 2880x1800) might have problems with the fullscreen mode. If you are unable to start the game in fullscreen mode, try lowering your display's resolution or starting the game in windowed mode. Please, DON'T post your problems as REVIEWS! There's no way we can reply to help you! Contact us, we'll get the game working for you! - Damon Czanik, Jaakko Markus Seppälä **************************************************************** To install for Windows: **************************************************************** 1. Go to: 2. Download "Ur-Quan_Masters_HD-Beta1-Win-Full.exe" 3. Once the download is complete, double-click the .exe file to unarchive it. 4. Go to the folder. 5. Run UQM.EXE (or the UQM icon with the green ship) That should be the only thing you have to do! There's no need to install anything. If you have any problems, try the 1280.bat, or 320.bat files. **************************************************************** To install for Mac OS X: **************************************************************** 1. Go to: 2. Download "OS X - The Ur-Quan Masters HD Beta 1 - OS X.dmg" 3. Once the download is complete, double-click the .dmg file to unarchive it. 4. Drag "The Ur-Quan Masters HD" to any place you want to store it on your HD. 5. Double-click "The Ur-Quan Masters HD" to run! **************************************************************** To install for Linux/Unix: **************************************************************** 1. Your best bet is to probably ask in the forums. I haven't had anybody complain about being unable to install the Linux files. **************************************************************** FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS **************************************************************** 1. It won't run fullscreen! A: That's because your monitor won't support the resolution. Try the original graphics mode. (A retina display at 2880x1800 have been reported to have problems.) 2. I get messed up graphics. A: Be sure you've downloaded the Beta1, NOT Alpha. If your monitor doesn't support the hi-res graphics, use the original 320x240 graphics. 3. How do I install this in Windows? A: You don't. Read the instructions again. 4. The old graphics look better. A: This is not a question. The old graphics still exist. 5. How can I contribute to this game? A: We need programmers! Help us improve the game! If you can't program, help us spread the word on forums. Get new people to play. Support us when we go on Steam. 6. I want to donate to this project. A: That's a legal mess we don't want to get in to. We suggest you donate the money to charity instead like: If you donate money, email me (dczanik at, and I'll send you an autographed picture of your favorite alien in the game. **************************************************************** If you still have problems: **************************************************************** 1. You can report bugs here: 2. The forums where users can help out here: Just keep in mind, this is the Ur-Quan Masters forum. The HD game is different. So specify the HD game. We'll get a proper forum soon. 3. You can also email me dczanik (at) I'll do what I can to help you.
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