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  • I use it whenever I need to restore my sanity on Windows w/o diving into cygwin madness or mingw

  • So far, these unix commands work well in Windows 7 Pro 64-bit which is a relief given MS and their "show me the money" unix utilities cannot be installed unless I upgrade to a non-existent Windows 7 Ultimate release. So thank you very much for these as my decades old batch files continue to live on for several more years I hope.

  • Great tools, very useful for those of us who work on windows and have grown fond of certain unix based tools. Only gripe is that they are REALLY out of date... last build in main zipfile is from year 2000 and the update (only on the website, not here, for some strange reason) only brings a few up to year 2003.

  • Simply great for the Unix admin that has to cope with Windows from time to time. These utilities will find a home on the USB stick in my keyring.

  • My the most favorite util is wget.exe for running my web scripts.

  • Just spent about 15 minutes with it. Some excellent Unix utilities here. Missing 'strings', which I use a lot. Also needed to rename the unix utilities that were also DOS utilities: find -> unixfind and type -> unixtype.

  • Being able to use so many Unix tools on Windows is great. UnxUtils rulez :-) . Keep on the good work! Give us more if possible. Thanks a lot!

  • Reduces Linux envy. A lightweight alternative to resorting to Cygwin for many of your Windows deficiencies. 1 - Extract zip to C:\unxutils\ 2 - Add to path: C:\unxutils\usr\local\wbin

  • Almost every command terminates with. zsh: fork failed: no such file or directory

  • Perfect tools

  • Cool, works. Only missing Windows installer package which would automatically modify the %Path% environment variable.

  • Cygwin? We don neeeeed no stiiinking Cygwin! Where has this been my whole career!

  • Thank you for your work.

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  • Unxutils works perfectly.

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  • Great App ,Excellent

  • brilliant project. thanks!

  • I tried it on one of my VPS servers and so far it is very smooth and error-free

  • Sorry, but having builds of 10 year old versions of really good open source tools will do more harm then good. No bug reports are answered. This project is dead. Better us GnuWin32 Take "which v2.4". It doesn't find .exe files if you don't explicitely search for them and it does not find files when they are in the current directory, but not in %PATH%.

  • Insanely great if you're stuck using Windows.

  • Love that its free

  • Very usefull and easy to incorporate in your apps.

  • This is surely one of the best open source projects.

  • Good job! Thanks!

  • Awesome free project with support for help.

  • It works just as intended and much more. Recommended!

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