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  • I've used SME server as gateway for at least 10 years. I decided to give Untangle a try. It slowed my internet way down to the point common pages would timeout. I tweaked the settings for days to no avail. How this product gets a 5 star rating I'll never know. It is SLOW, but it sure is pretty.

  • Excellent alternative à IPCop par exemple, relativement simple à prendre en main, complet même avec la version de base, amplement suffisante pour un réseau d'une dizaine de machines (pas testé avec plus), installé sur un PC de recup. Des reporting en pagaille, un portail captif, webfilter, spamblocker, la liste des possibilités est longue. un excellent produit tournant en prod depuis de nombreux mois sans aucun probleme ! Un excellent produit !!

  • excellent app

  • Nice tool. Thanks

  • This is the tool with the features, speed and stability for you.

  • Free, very quick, easy to use and rock solid.

  • Very good O.S. Software.

  • Stable, full of great features and lightweight. This software is highly recommended!

  • I take it everywhere I go :)

  • Una alternativa muy buena!

  • I liked it, I recommend

  • Love this one especially when I'm stuck on a Windows box.

  • Free, very quick, easy to use and rock solid.

  • Best tool in his category, even beter than comercial software

  • BEST FILE ARCHIVER EVER! ......but not for mac.

  • it just works.. which from me, is a large compliment

  • I use this software. Thank you for your work.

  • Best software ever!

  • Fast. Easy. Great.

  • Superb piece of software - can't be faulted as it does everything it claims to do and quite easily. Their Forum(s) just in case you need them, have some extremely clever peeps on there who know the product well. A big thumbs up from me... Cheers. Kevin.

  • Untangle is one of the best Opensource Project that I have bin working with. In 2009 I first came across this project when I needed a simple OpenVPN Server that i could use for external Consults. I joind there forum quite fast to talk and get a feeling for the community around the project and i have to say that it is one of the best communities that i have bin a part of. As for the product it as gone from good to great! Today they can compete with any of the "big" vendors in the UTM section and often they will beat them both in price and user friendliness! So if you are after a simple to use but still powerful UTM firewall download this at once and try out!

  • Excellent work.

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • good job

  • very good project

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