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  • Thanks for the effort to make a great release with all the reformatting tools in one place!

  • Thank you for your work! This is great software, very helpful, Fast and Easy!

  • Great app

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • i've tried universal indent GUI on a number of occasions. It's a great idea, however the UI so poorly designed, it ends up driven me back to editing unrustifies config file by hand, as frustration as that is. Both uncrustify and UIGUI suffer from one common malady, that being a lack of documentation on what each setting does and which languages it can be applied to. I've spent hours trying to figure out which settings are relevant to my code, what they do and how their values effect the code. Apart from not being helpful in the settings department, UIGUI also suffers from poor UI design. It seems to get oriented around loading source code and then trying to apply settings. But that's not what I want. I want to load a configuration and see how each setting works so I can work out which combination of settings I need. Perhaps the author needs to take a good look at the Eclipse formatter settings editor. Each setting in Eclipse is directly linked to an example piece of code that shows exactly how it works. UIGUI doesn't do this, so the first battle you have with it is trying to find a piece of code that will be effected by the setting so you can figure out what it should be set too and even if you need it. UIGUI can be workable if you know intimately what you need to set and why. But thats a bit of an ask with uncrustify's huge range of settings.

  • Thomas, wonderful app. I didn't even realize that it existed as a stand-alone. I had been noodling around with the Notepad++ plugin. I can see more opportunity for the stand-alone in a couple of situations.

  • great proyect Thanks Thomas!!!!!