Changelog --------- The UFTP issue tracker is at UFTP 2.5.2 (released Jan 8 2018) -------------------------------- - fix: close parallel reader threads after each data transfer (#45) UFTP 2.5.1 (released Nov 8 2017) -------------------------------- - systemd support - fix packaged version of '' (#40) - client ( print proper error message to stderr (#41) - fix: append flag not honored for single-file upload (#42) - implement "APPE" (append) command (#44) UFTP 2.5.0 (released June 12 2017) ---------------------------------- - new feature: multiple allowed client IPs per transfer (#26) - new feature: tunneling / traffic forwarding via UFTPD (#36) - fix: NullPointerException when group is null (#34) - fix: return Unix file permissions (rwx for owner) in MLST reply (#35) UFTP 2.4.1 (released Dec 7 2016) -------------------------------- - fix: IllegalArgumentException when requested Unix group is null ( UFTP 2.4.0 (released Nov 23 2016) --------------------------------- - fix: set effective group correctly to requested one, instead of default group ( - fix: when using port range for data connections, ports were not freed, leading to unusable UFTPD ( - fix: session mode 'mkdir' reports errors ( - fix: session mode 'mkdir' creates all required parent dirs - new feature: implement MFMT command to set file modification time ( - fix: more flexible and RFC-compliant implementation of the FTP protocol (connection establish, authentication, retrieval, ...) Compliance tested with Unix 'ftp' and 'curl' tools ( - new feature: support EPSV in addition to PASV (and thus support IPv6) ( - new feature: support MLST and MLSD commands ( UFTP 2.3.2 (released Sep 15 2015) --------------------------------- - new feature: rename files in session mode ( - new feature: allow to get single file/directory info in session mode - new feature: UFTPD logs usage (transferred bytes, transfer rate, client IP) at info level ( - new feature: session mode allows to upload data in streaming mode ( - fix: typo in scripts ( - fix: when synching a local master with a remote slave on a filesystem mounted with root squash, the rsync tmp file (remote) was not deleted and the target file was not updated ( - improvement: simpler logging config (see manual) UFTP 2.3.1 (released Feb 11 2015) -------------------------------- - fix: cannot get file info on file systems mounted with root-squash ( - fix: allow to "stat" also a single file - fix: remove stacktrace printout to stdout in parallel reader UFTP 2.3.0 (released Jan 26 2015) -------------------------------- - new feature: allow to specify a port range for the data connections ( - fix: cannot get file info on file systems mounted with root-squash ( - fix: NPE when include/exclude patterns are used UFTP 2.2.0 (released Nov 3 2014) -------------------------------- - new feature: allow to pass in allowed/forbidden file patterns when creating a new session (SF feature #340) - improvement: add possibility to 'ping' UFTPD via the control channel - fix: user's home is used as inital session base directory - fix: fail startup when running as root without setuid - fix: compress/encrypt in session mode did not work UFTP 2.1.2 (released Oct 2 2014) -------------------------------- - new feature: support NATs by adding an ADVERTISE_HOST variable for setting the public IP address of the server in case this is different from the actual SERVER_HOST - improvement: allow to write part of a file in Session mode. This enables both restarting a failed transfer, and parallel writes to a file using multiple server instances. - fix: better error reporting in case of faulty transfer requests - fix: sync of very small files did not work UFTP 2.1.0 (released July 25 2014) --------------------------------- - improvement: allow to configure limit on control connections per client IP. NOTE: please read the manual since option names have changed: MAX_CONNECTIONS : maximum connections per client IP (default: 32) MAX_STREAMS : maximum number of parallel data streams per connection (default: 8) - fix: make sure to close client connection in case of protocol or authorisation errors - fix: when UFTPD writes an rsync'ed file, the ownership was changed to root (SF bug #742) - fix: access control when listing directory - fix: in session mode, client connection counter was not decremented on session close UFTP 2.0.0 (released 10 Dec 2013) --------------------------------- - new feature: introduced session mode for reading multiple files over a single UFTP connection (SF feature #271) - new feature: a transfer rate limit can be specified per transfer request (SF improvements #3577575) - new feature: optional data compression - improvement: encryption scheme changed, removed dependency on BouncyCastle library - improvement: improved connection setup (SF feature #282) - improvement: new Demo CA certificates, using a p12 for keystore, jks for truststore - fix: do not accept transfer request if requested user does not exist, and send back an error message UFTP 1.2.1 (released May 7 2012) -------------------------------- - better error reporting in client if all server addresses are unreachable - improvement: special handling of "/dev/.." filenames for performance measurements - fix: multiple interface support was broken (SF bug #3500430) - improve client side error message if connection was refused by the server - client reads feature list from server (prepare future UFTP extensions) - fix: add missing init script on Debian UFTP 1.2.0 (released 15 Dec 2011) --------------------------------- - improvement: UFTPD sets also supplementary groups (SF feature #3439861) - fix: effective group ID was always "0" (SF bug #3439859) - fix: LD_LIBRARY_PATH was not setup correctly - improvement: attempt to load native lib directly at startup instead of waiting for first data transfer - improvement: better error reporting to client UFTP 1.1.0 (released 7 Oct 2011) ---------------------------------------- - improvement: support multiple alternative server IP addresses (SF improvement #3389004) - improvement: add support for monitoring filetransfer progress - fix: configured value of maximum streams per connection was ignored - improvement: allow to configure the internal buffer size for file read/write UFTP 1.0.0 (released 5 Jul 2011) ---------------------------------------- - first release