Changelog for the UNICORE portal server ======================================= Portal 2.3.0 (released Sep 8, 2017) - Data Manager: schedule data transfers - Data Manager: show long running file transfers (even after log out) - Data Manager: multiple files upload - Data Manager: show/edit file permissions, group; view owner - Data Manager: create/remove bookmarks (shortcuts) to a desired path in storage or workspace - Allow to resume held workflows (including parameter updates) - Support user defined idbs and applications in the portal - Vaadin update and bug fixes - Logging configuration updateable at runtime - Updated UNICORE libs (7.8.0), Akka and Jetty Portal 2.2.1 (released Nov 30, 2016) - updated to the latest Vaadin version - a new parameter for customizing the welcome image - minor css corrections - bug fixes Portal 2.2.0 (released October 27, 2016) - submission of workflow templates, masked as a generic job (in the 'Create Job' view) - possibility to exclude workflow templates - can be set in as true or false - support of execution environments - possibility to add additional environment variables for jobs - automatic sorting of applications in the combobox in the 'Create Job' view according to user's most used applications - display of log info on the details panel for a job or a failed workflow - possibility to configure in a default app for the generic job view ('Create Job' view) - possibility to configure in a default start view - bug fixes Portal 2.1.0 (released Dec 8, 2015) - possibility to save and restore jobs - support of creation and editing of multiple jobs in multiple windows - possibility to create a new storage via a StorageFactory in the Data Manager view - single logout from Portal and Unity (from Unity version 1.8.0 on) - code refactoring and multiple bug fixes Portal 2.0.0 (released Sep 11, 2015) - core logic uses a new grid discovery API - UI uses a new vaadin theme, which is more modern and more responsive - grid browser tree has been removed - local file system has been removed from the data manager view - added a possibility to tag jobs - added possibility to search jobs by name or tag - event table shows also logout and profile events in addition to the existing login and submission ones - portalPlugin.xml files are removed; instead customizations are all done in - multiple bug fixes Portal 1.1.2 (released Jan 21, 2015) - improved user input validations - fixed cancellation of tasks on the UI - various improvements in background workers in the profile view - other small bug fixes and user notifications Portal 1.1.0 (released Aug 22, 2014) - many bug fixes - larger fields in user database table - improved layouting - improved user notifications and logging - small improvements on data manager - integrated google maps for site localization - possibility to resume or abort a job - new view to show all workflows - data exchange between tasks within a workflow - basic if-clause for workflows Portal 1.0.0 (released Jan 13, 2014) - first release