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# # UNICORE Portal # VERSION 2.1.0 December 22, 2015 Installation ************ The portal server requires Java version 1.7 or later (we recommend using OpenJDK Java 7) and is currently restricted to a Linux/UNIX operating system. Unzip the archive into a convenient folder, which will result in the following directory structure + bin : start/stop/status/sign scripts + lib : application libraries + conf : configuration files + webcontent : libraries for Java webstart application(s) used by the portal as well as VAADIN folder with UI theme files, icons, CSS style sheets + logs : default log directory + doc : readme, changelog and others MIGRATING ********* 1. Install the new version of the portal 2. Copy and paste the 'data' folder with the user information from the old version into the newly installed portal 2.0.0. 3. Use the same workspace as the older version of the portal 4. Do not directly use the old portal.properties file! There is numerous changes as well as a lot of new properties that have been added. Instead try to compare and merge the two versions. You can copy the authentication options but note that the property: 'portal.registration.facility.REG-SAML.implementationClass' has changed into: 'portal.registration.facility.REG-SAML.type' whereas 'type' is one of the following: 'DEMO', 'SAML', 'TLS', 'username', 'KRB5'; Configuration ************* The main configuration file is conf/portal.properties This file contains central settings such as host and port of the server. You must review it before starting the portal. In the default configuration, DEMO-CA certificates are accepted, and the portal uses a certificate issued by the DEMO-CA. This will allow to test the portal against a UNICORE server demo installation. Furthermore, a "demo user" login is provided, however the credentials used by this account can be configured. If you wish to modify anything, please refer to the comments in the property file. An important configuration item refers to the location where user workspaces are stored. By default, they are stored on the portal machine, but they can also be stored remotely on a UNICORE storage. Please review the portal.properties file. Signing Java webstart archives and applet(s) ******************************************** The application includes parts that are run via Java web start or the Java applet mechanism. These need to be signed using the portal credential. Signing requires the "jarsigner" application from the Java Development Kit (JDK). A script 'unicore-portal-sign.sh' is provided in the bin folder which signs the jar files. Please review this script and provide the proper values for your portal credential. This process has to be done only once before running the portal for the first time. Note for Windows OS: ******************** Please make sure to put your Java security to the lowest level for the domain and port of the portal You also need to add an exception for the portal site and import a trusted CA certificate so that your file transfers from local file system can work properly. Setting the Security levels through the Java Control Panel In the Java Control Panel, click on the Security tab. Select the desired Security level. Click Apply. Click OK to save changes made to the Java Control Panel. Use "Edit Sites List..." to add the site for the portal. Use "Manage Certificates" to add the necessary CA certificate. Starting/stopping ***************** The application is controlled using the scripts in the bin/ folder. As usual, there are start, stop and status scripts. Getting started *************** The portal URL is "https://<host>:<port>/portal" (by default: https://localhost:9091/portal ) Before logging in, a user has to register using the "Create account" tab on the login page. After creating an account, the user can log in. * Authentication using a certificate Users who have a valid certificate in their browser can use this to register and later authenticate. Once authenticated, users must create a SAML trust delegation assertion. This is accomplished from the "Profile" view. Customisation ************* The portal can be customised in several ways to better fit your use cases. 1) conf/portal.properties The main config file contains several options that change the portal's functionality. Personal customizations of some menu items, logos, icons and others can also be configured. Please review this file carefully. 2) CSS style sheets The CSS style sheets are accessible in the webcontent/VAADIN/themes/valoPortal folder. Reporting bugs ************** Our bug tracker is at http://sourceforge.net/p/unicore/bugs Known issues ************** - If-clause in workflows does not yet support full feature functionality ROADMAP ******* The feature request tracker is at http://sourceforge.net/p/unicore/feature-requests You can also write to the support list unicore-support@lists.sf.net
Source: README, updated 2015-12-22