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  • Does not recognize NTFS formatted USB devices, so installing a DVD ISO ( > 4G) is out of question.

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  • I couldn't get this software to work properly. I currently have Ubuntu as my OS and after the download it wasn't saved as an executable. I went into the personal settings and allowed it to run as an .exe. However, then I was presented with another error, "7z not found!? "This is required for either install mode.Install the "p7zip-full" package or your distribution's equivalent." I have no idea how to correct this issue after several hours of research; I've given up! Overall, a great concept that doesn't work "right-out-of-the-box" for the average user using Ubuntu/Linux already.

  • Does not work. Not able to discover any of my USB sticks.

  • If you are looking for something that will lock up you computer and help you lose data, then this is it.

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  • Very useful project!

  • Honestly, I did not like it!

  • This would have been a delightful account of how UNetBootin works (and it worked gracefully for my installations), had it not been for UNDOCUMENTED behaviour under Linux - viz., two files /usr/bin/ubnnelnx and /usr/bin/ubnsylnx popping up in my /usr/bin directory. This is very impolite, to say the least, and should be explained by the author.

  • So now none of the USB's I tried with this software work. Windows detects them, but can't access them. Three USB's wasted. I tried messaging the author two weeks ago with no answer. Tried to put Windows 7 .iso image and said it worked, but didn't.