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  • I really like your program. It's super useful and simple. I have a suggestion for the program. The loading bar when it's extracting the iso and do it's thing. "I think if it were based on actual data content (MBs) instead of total files. It would be smoother and show more detail when loading." I loaded windows 7 and the .wim file takes the majority of space. so it just sits there. I know my family doesn't like to wait. So when an application stops responding or at least the the GUI freezes. They start clicking and crash the application. Me personally I like seeing the progress that way. Thanks and I hope you do this. :)

  • works nicely

  • This is great. Thank you for your work guys!

  • Love this app

  • Love this app

  • Great work. installed and running. Thanks

  • i've created my first bootable Live USB with this one.. good piece of program

  • A great tool! Thank you guys for your work!

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  • It works. It supports pretty much everything you can think of. It doesn't crash in the hands of a casual user.

  • Really nice Tool - excellent compatibility with many Linux Distributions but in Windows - I can't choose a USB Harddisk as Destination for installing the .ISO File :-( and Menu 'Harddisks' only gives me the 1st internal Harddisk in my System - what's with the others ?!

  • very good project, thanks!

  • great, thanks

  • Awesome. I've never seen that like this.

  • UNetbootin is good most of the time, but it can be inconsistent with ISO files sometimes.. Sometimes it fails to install onto a flash drive correctly and sometimes the OS won't boot correctly either.. Needs to fix some bugs, but all and all it is very nice and useful tool.

  • very good project, thanks!

  • good help in creating bootable USB devices!

  • saved a ton of time really

  • It works, period.

  • Just Great

  • Отличная программа, спасибо авторам! Буду пользоваться ею и дальше!

  • I always used fedora's liveusb-creator which has always been buggy and sometimes just didn't work without any clear indication what failed. With unetbootin I can even make iso-files bootable, which were never intended to be run from an usb flash drive, and everything works smooth and very reliable. A really great and useful tool. Thanks!

  • Great project! I recommend this programm strongly! Very best and fast programm ! It's great, although it should also install the Universal Netboot Installer with it!

  • Fantastic, thank you

  • Nice, thanks

  • Great software, simple and easy to install

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