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  • Super handy tool to creatte bootable drives, never had any issues with it.

  • Allowed me to create a bootable media for GParted w. no issues. Thanks

  • So far this has been useful. The only reason I could not install on a USB drive, thumbdrive or stick is because the BIOS is not good. Also I think I need a new USB hub. As for support, we shall see. Wish you were on Facebook.

  • Really easy to use. And the flow is right - bean-to-cup, as they say in the world of early morning vending machines.

  • It was very easy to use i loved it.

  • nice

  • USB drive would not show uo in the list so I had to use a physical drive but other than that ok

  • Works perfectly, but the "show all drives"-option should be available in newer Versions too. I always have to use v 471 because newer versions won't detect my devices.

  • I have never been able to get it download the linked to disk images, but otherwise it works as described. Version 613 is out of date, as "backtrack-linux" points out that :: BackTrack 5 is OUTDATED and no longer supported – Downloads have been discontinued. Please check the KALI LINUX project instead. Go to "kali dot org" to get modern version.

  • Everything works as stated.

  • UNetbootin est un projet particulièrement pratique est bien pensé, un outil efficace !

  • Does anybody know whether UNetbootin modern will work on UEFI (not BIOS) and Windows 8.1 PC? Most students here either on MacBook Pro/Air or Windows 8 PC with UEFI/GPT. Thanks.

  • Yeah, I maybe should go sleep but i won't give up. I need it :)

  • works great on mac os x -- I've previously used this on linux and windows. only issue is the finder menu bar is not the correct color (I'm using the "dark" menu on yosemite) and is instead the default grey color.

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  • Works great. Xc8 if you can't figure out how to format a >4GB usb drive as fat32 you probably shouldn't be messing around with Unetbootin in the first place.

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  • Does not recognize NTFS formatted USB devices, so installing a DVD ISO ( > 4G) is out of question.

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  • OK so I was looking through the comments and I saw a couple that... well... no. This is a very powerful tool that is easy to use. If it does say "7zip not found!" or something like that (in Debian based) Linux (for noobs that includes Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Zorin OS, Kali Linux exc) type into the terminal 'sudo apt-get install p7zip-full' to break down this command 'sudo' means super user do and thus is basically like when you click on something in windows and its like "Would you like this program to make changes to your computer?" its just giving that program enoough power to do what it needs to. 'apt-get' is Debian's command line package manager. 'install' is an option in apt-get to install a package (that one is pretty self explanitory). and finally 'p7zip-full' is the package you want to install in this case we want 7zip and thus we are installing the correct package for it. I hoped this helped some people who were just about to rate a great program one star.

  • I've been using this tool on Windows for many years to run or install different Linux distros form my flashdrive. It works very well and not just with Ubuntu! Excellent project!

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  • it works with almost every operating systems what i tested for.

  • Easy to download, Easy to use. Nice tool. Thank You.

  • I couldn't get this software to work properly. I currently have Ubuntu as my OS and after the download it wasn't saved as an executable. I went into the personal settings and allowed it to run as an .exe. However, then I was presented with another error, "7z not found!? "This is required for either install mode.Install the "p7zip-full" package or your distribution's equivalent." I have no idea how to correct this issue after several hours of research; I've given up! Overall, a great concept that doesn't work "right-out-of-the-box" for the average user using Ubuntu/Linux already.

  • Does not work. Not able to discover any of my USB sticks.

  • great tool. Unfortuately I had to revert to version 494 to be able to select my usb since the "show all drives" feature has disappeared. Can we have it back? pretty please?

  • There is one missing feature - writing Windows image

  • great to see a recent update for this frugal install tool..

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