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INSTALLING A UNBBAYES' PLUGIN ------------------------------ Zip files in this folder hierarchy are plugins for UnBBayes ( By extracting the distributed ZIP file, a folder with the following name-pattern will be created: "<PLUGIN_NAME>-<VERSION_NUMBER>" You need only to copy the extracted folder into UnBBayes' "plugins" folder. Most UnBBayes' distribution have the following folder structure: UnBBayes |- examples |- lib |- plugins <- [Here is where you put the extracted folder] USING A UNBBAYES' PLUGIN ------------------------------ Every plugin will become available when you start UnBBayes or when you click "Plugins > Reload Plugins" menu. Check the graphical user interface for new icons or menu items. ATTENTION ------------------------------ Some plugins use other plugins. In such case, you must install all dependencies too. Please, refer to documentations (e.g. README.txt) of each plugin. AVALILABILITY ------------------------------ Check the project page ( for updates or other plugins.
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