UnBBayes is a probabilistic network framework written in Java. It has both a GUI and an API with inference, sampling, learning and evaluation. It supports Bayesian networks, influence diagrams, MSBN, OOBN, HBN, MEBN/PR-OWL, PRM, structure, parameter and incremental learning.

Please, visit the license section of our wiki (https://sourceforge.net/p/unbbayes/wiki/License/) for more information about our licensing policy.


  • Bayes Net (or Bayesian network)
  • Influence Diagrams (or Decision Graphs)
  • MSBN (Multiple-Sectioned Bayesian Network)
  • OOBN (Object-Oriented Bayesian Network)
  • MEBN (Multi-Entity Bayesian Network)
  • PR-OWL (Probabilistic Web Ontology Language)
  • PR-OWL 2
  • UMP-ST (Uncertainty Modeling Process for Semantic Technologies)
  • Learning
  • Sampling and Simulation (e.g. Monte Carlo, Gibbs)
  • Metaphor
  • Approximate Inference
  • Data Mining
  • Plug-in Support
  • PRM (Probabilistic Relational Model)

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User Reviews

  • I am not able to download UnBBayes with MEBN Tool. Can anybody pls help me how to do it? I have downloaded UnBBayes tool without Plugin MEBN, that is working properly but in the case of MEBN jar filw is nor running. Pls tell me how to do it////

  • This is a powerful probabilistic reasoning framework that incorporates a large number of techniques and algorithms. There are plugins for most if not all the major approaches for probabilistic systems, such as BNs, IDs, OOBNs, DBNs, PRMS, MEBNs, PR-OWL, and many others in a list that keeps growing. The learning curve is steep in many cases, which is expected in what is basically a research tool. It is hard to believe that such a powerful framework is freely available to everyone. Kudos for the dedicated team developing it in all their spare time.

  • The best open source package for working with PGMs. Supports decision nodes and utility nodes (unlike SamIam). Is open source (unlike Geany and SamIam). Many plugins for different things. However, I do wish that it implemented different inference algorithms, such as recursive conditioning and loopy belief propapagation, and had the ability to perform sensitivity analysis.

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  • UnBBayes is a free and easy to use tool for Bayesian Networks. I am using it on my Master Thesis.

    1 user found this review helpful.
  • Just tried the newer (plugin based) version of unbBayes and glad to see the refinements. Ability to see the complete MTheory and do adjustments by dragging & resizing MFRag panels is cool.

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English, Brazilian Portuguese

Intended Audience

Financial and Insurance Industry, Healthcare Industry, Science/Research, Education, Developers, End Users/Desktop

User Interface

Java Swing

Programming Language