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  • I sincerly think this program the perfect program I ever tried! => have a look at this site for Free keys :

  • simply great player but with old mplayer engine im recomend use MPlayer-generic-r37905+g1f5630a (latest sherpya build) also Download mplayer-svn-37955 by redixii and MPlayerMEncoder-SB65 by SubJunk mplayer version used in umplayer its just ancient sadly it need be compiled by own change engine cause freeze of player thats all

  • It was such a great program, but their site / download has been down for a few weeks. I assume it is not longer distributed. But, it was great while it lasted. Sorry to see it go.

  • It is an excellent player but it could be improved more if we could use the record button when watching TV, it works only with You Tube videos but not with streams from my TV. Streams are very good and fast.

  • Excellent overall, much better than the many others I've tried. Two requests please: I'd like to be able to choose several files from once from within UMPlayer (currently, the user can only choose either one file or one directory). Also, I'd like to see more information in the playlist, and most importantly a way to sort the playlist. For example, if you Enqueue a list of files sorted by title from Windows Explorer , they drop into UMPlayer in an seemingly arbitrary way, sometimes missing parts of the title, that I can't figure out. Songs are totally out of order, which blows the experience. Key tags like track number, title, length should be sortable within the playlist, and default to that sort when new files are added. It seems like Enqueue is broken because Open / Directory displays files properly in the playlist (but still not sortable). Update 02/21/14: Noticed Windows Explorer / Open has the same problem. If I select 10 songs to play in Explorer, then Open, only one song is loaded, not the first or last, but some track in the middle of the list. Basically useless. There's actually no way to get open a list of songs in logical order without using Open Directory. So, all the problems stem from Enqueuing and Opening files, then sorting them once in a playlist. PLEASE fix these issues so only good news gets out about UMPlayer. Thanks!

  • YouTube playback was not working when I tested 0.98 [P4] (latest version.) I downloaded the installer from two separate sources and re-installed to be sure. The latest version of SMPlayer (which UMPlayer appears to have forked from) does not have this problem.

  • Excelent player rate 9,6 of 10 !

  • Thanks very good project! +

  • Umplayer is the best! Thanks.

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Amazing,just,amazing! Wnen you try it you will understand how its wonderful!

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Very nice and functional multimedia player! Thanks!

  • great product- quick and light in using

  • nice player1

  • Very convenient to use this software when working with youtube.

  • Nice job! My favorite player ;)

  • Nice project! You did a great job. Thank you!

  • Outstanding software, thanks

  • But it not support proxy..

  • really great. really.

  • Awesome app, thanks for sharing!

  • Very helpful, fast and easy product!

  • Wonderful project! Thanks for amazing work!

  • Fast, easy-to-use, powerful... simply gets things done.

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