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  • I absolutely think this software the best program I at all times tried! => check this webiste for Free keys :

  • Complete JUNK. Never installed correctly and now I can not get it off my right click dialog box. Stay away - there are much better options !!

  • Working with Ultradefrag for many years, no problems at all. A big Thank YO to the developers.

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  • I like this a lot. Sure, the first optimization takes some time but afterwards things are smooth.

  • This software SUCKS. The version 0.7.2 never ends the job. That developers have not had the expertise to make UltraDefrag take ownership of the volume while it works. ANYTHING interrupts UltraDefrag. And it has no criterion, every "supposedly" finished defragmentation leaves your hard drive in a different way! Honestly, this program is a GARBAGE, it's one of the worst sourceforge. ------- Esse programa é uma BOSTA. A versão 0.7.2 nunca termina o trabalho, os programadores não conseguiram fazer o UltraDefrag tomar propriedade do volume enquanto ele trabalha (pois ele não desmonta o volume antes). QUALQUER coisa interrompe o UltraDefrag. E ele não tem critério algum, cada desfragmentação "supostamente" terminada deixa o seu HD de um jeito diferente! Sinceramente, esse programa é um LIXO, é um dos piores do sourceforge.

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  • Been highly recommending this utility for around a decade or more now? (iirc ;])

  • This deframent software is very great! Furthermore, for such problems like can't open or rename file (name is too long prompt), I use Long Path Tool and it works.

  • Great app for degfraggin!

  • Best free disc defrag I ever used. Better than some paid software. Keep up good work!

  • I signed up just to say thank you for this amazing piece of software!

  • Excellent and reliable tool for MANY years and across many versions of Windows. Some ease of use in configuration would be nice but it's not required. Otherwise, I've used and beta tested hundreds of software products and this is one of those few products that filter past all other worthy tools and become permanent keepers. It does what it's supposed to do, without making too much noise or wasting my time and it does it extremely well! I have to feel bad for some of the people who've sadly written negative remarks.. well due to your laziness in figuring out your own problems and blaming it on the tool, or just simply not reading the documentation, or not asking others for help, or just having unrealistic expectations, or some other senseless reason you're now having to live with the consequence of using a lesser quality competing product.

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  • good

  • open discussion yes i want to discute abou this, and i hope here is the raight place to do it since i couldn find any email. First lets begin about how much im waiting to perform a full optimization, like 30 hours fot 65% i would never do full op again, that i regret, i would never do again becouse im lie almos 2 days wainting fot 1 Tb 2 tb free. But.ok , i was waiting until i hit the X and it exit the prog,wheres th3 confirmation window? comen on developers, now i have to do everything again im fuked up and its your fault. now everything is going again at the end of hd innstead of continuing putting blocks from end of hd wich i continue yoo know what im mean. very angry, will never use this.again.

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  • Nice piece of software with well thought-out documentation. Beautiful website, too.

  • I've been using this since v5.0.x (i can't remember exactly which subversion) but it has just been getting better. I tested it on my old laptop that took nearly 5 minutes to boot and login and start using. After defraging, it took less than a minute, it did take a super long time to defragment and optimize, but it has to move a lot of files. I recently got v7 on win7, which my windows 7 got so sluggish, it took nearly 5 minutes (like my 2002 laptop) to get booted up to start using. After an overnight optimization, I restarted my computer to test it out and boot up was nearly instantanious. I logged in, and everything popped up like, if you blinked, you missed it. The user manual is pretty straight forward, and anyone with a very basic understanding about how code works can modify how ultradefrag behaves, how the UI looks, etc. It also explains how everything is supposed to work, and how to use the boot scan, and give very deep explanation after the straight forward explanations answering all the questions I had on how to use the golden piece of software. No one should be without this software. Stellar job ultradefrag developer person.

  • design looks like the program was written in 1974 or so. poor GUI, lots of command-line tools... this is 2015. when only 1 file needs defragmenting starting from the contect menu, the c: disk is analyzed. why ? even a 3 kb plain text file starts a >30 seconds defragmentation process !? uninstalled.

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  • 過去に、「すっきり!! デフラグ」、「Defraggler」、「Smart Defrag」を使用したことがあります。 現在は、有料の「Norton Utilities 16」を常用しています。 “ Update” で「UltraDefrag」を知り、User Reviews などを参考に試用を決断しました。 ◆ 完全最適化を実行した後、Norton で再実行したところ “断片化 0 、Defrag 無用” と表示がでました。 PC の異常も認められませんでした。 最適化で期待する PC のパフォーマンス維持に威力を発揮できそうです。 ◆便利で、実用的な Option も備わり、充実しています。 ◆ PC を隈無く Scanning してしまう tools ながら、Open - Source で商品化している点も安心材料です。 ~機能が充実しています。性能に不満はなく、信頼できそうです。 知見上、“ベストワン” です~

  • UltraDefrag is perfect. thx.

  • nice helper

  • Thanks for the collective collaboration, UltraDefrag is just perfect.

  • Way better than all I've tried before. Thanks for this great job

  • It has more "end of process" options (RESTART, not just SHUTDOWN) than any other package I've found. The Version 6's are slower than some competing products, but it seems to be more thorough so fine. As for Version Number "stagnation", who really cares?!! This isn't a race to reach "10" or "100" - our file systems don't change very often so these products shouldn't need a lot of additional changes. Frankly, I don't WANT services that modify recorded-file locations to need to be changed, fixed or 'updated'. I will always wonder what was wrong with the previous version!

  • Better than the native Microsoft defrag program and Priform's Defraggler. Cleans up the System Volume Information folder that seems to be fragmented all the time. Neither the native defrag program nor Defraggler clean up. This gets the job done all the time

  • It's a good MSWindows defrag. Nice to use, don't need install, have boot option and optimise. Can see what's happening in the cluster panel. It's bast than native defrag and others.

  • no updates since 2013 ? :/ anyway i will give it a try

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