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  • Nice Music.

  • great game!! good job guy!!

  • Thanks for so usefull software.

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  • This application was already interesting and impressive to me. Excelent job! i like it

  • I loved the graphics, the simulation, and the track editor is way, way better than the original. Even if a little more complicated to use, it is worth it - I'm amazed at the incredible things one can do with the terrain. The fact that only the course from start to end is important gives a lot of room for creativeness :) As for the things off, I'd firstly point at the 2D graphics with white edges being visible, for example, on the steering wheels. I have to be objective and a bit judgemental about the sound. The music (except for the rave) wasn't really good, in fact Ylussion's rearrangement of the Stunts' menu BGM was rather awful. (I did a better version, check out my YouTube video /watch?v=0nUAxYeo1Vg ). And the engine sounds sounded more like they came from toy cars. I ended up replacing the generic engine sounds with the engine from the domestic SEGA MegaDrive version of Virtua Racing with different pitches and EQ for each 'generic' type of car (regular, race-like and F1). Away from that, I keep having a lot of fun with the track editor and the already included Superfast F1 Mod always makes me laugh my a** off. Great job to the programmers, not so great job to the people in charge of the sound. ^^; Greetings :D

  • very faithful to the original. Graphics good, and runs on Linux, that's good. Rotable internal view would be really great in my opinion.

  • Wonderful project! Keep it up :)

  • very good project

  • Its pretty good, requires some tweaking with the graphics settings to get a nice framerate. Would be good to see more car models.