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1st big thanks to the peoples over at ubuntu mate for making the pi flavour maker … 2nd big thanks to the peoples over at Ultimate Edition Before using this Script, I have never played with debootstrap, chroot or bash scripting. So bare with me while I learn as we go. live conversation can be found here The reason i made this, well cause 16.04 alpha/beta wasn’t released for pi now you can find Downloads of 15.10 and 16.04 beta2’s on the mate pi page. and now this is just to see what works and what still needs work. so have fun and tell your friends. Stock kernel is 4.1.9 To upgrade your kernel to 4.9.x use sudo BRANCH=next rpi-update To upgrade your kernel to 4.4.y use sudo branch=NEXT rpi-update To resize your drive check out the welcome screen pi notes. And for web downloading i use Be sure to pick your local mirror The cat just walk between the wifi router and my laptop, how do I get the byte of Data back? Zesty Folder has Builds from new Script 17.02 17.02.3 Mate Zesty 17.02 Dev 8g img Mate has the same Lan issue. in a terminal: sudo pluma /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf change the line managed=false to managed=true Load Wicd Network Manager click add, name it Lan, check the box, and reboot. Lan should be working now 17.02.2 Lubuntu Zesty 17.02 Dev 8g img Xubuntu Zesty 17.02 dev 8g img Dev = check sources > apt update to fix sources in a terminal: sudo/su you pick. keysnatcher -s (snatch) && keysnatcher -f (fix) keysnatcher -h for help. Zesty has been a bitch, Network Manager still isn’t working right. So I installed wicd. Lan is Device not managened. here is the fix to get your lan online, Wired Device Not Managed. Most probably your interface appears in /etc/network/interfaces. By default, NetworkManager does not manage interfaces that appear in /etc/network/interfaces. You can change this behavior. To do this - in a terminal: sudo nano /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf change the line managed=false to managed=true Then open the file: ——— Mate doesn’t need this the following sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces Delete everything in that file and copy and paste the following: auto lo iface lo inet loopback (sudo nano/pluma/mousepad/gedit this all depends on what DE is installed.check apps menu} Since i have install ubuntu-non-free my wifi dongle does work. Firefox is Aurora Working on LibreOffice and its depends 16.10 Pi2 Ubuntu-Studio LTS 16.10.28 8G For anyone new to my builds, this is a stock ubuntu-studio The LTS is 16.04.1, The 8g is 8gig img pi2 16.10 upgraded 16g is just that 16.04.1 do-release-upgrade -d 16g might not fit on 16G mSD will fit on 32G user name = user password = root pi2 supermate 16g UET added to lite builds 2de = xfce4, lxde, lxqt, razorqt, awesome, gnome fallback,kubuntu, cinnamon kodi TDE Trinity Desktop aka TDE has been added to builds, can be found in TDE, 2de and supermate builds 16.09 Script was updated on 8.20 to ubuntu 16.04.1 Mate xubuntu lubuntu standard and mini are stock ubuntu 16.08 Supermate uet = Lite Full Gamers with Ultimate Edition Toys Pi2 mate lite 2de uet UET = Ultimate Edition Toys Themes Icons Mouse Sound ect. Conky-builder installed but was deleted from home folder (script cleanup) but it still works.. so sudo conky pi2 mate 16.04.1 stock Script was updated on 8.20 to ubuntu 16.04.1 16.07 July’s updates Supermate again is 2de full gamers Kubuntu Gnome and ubuntu 16.06.07 pi2 supermate 16g This is Full Gamers 2de Might not fit on a 16g and I’ve always used a 32g 16,06.06 Pi2 mate 2de lite gamers 8g 16.06.05 More of Junes Updates pi2 mate 2de full 8g pi2 Mate 2de full 8g NUE NUE = no ubuntu extras and no libdvdcss due to error hunting, Error was caused by qemu, so that has also been removed. 16.06.03 June updates Mate 2de Lubuntu-qt is lxde and lxqt xubuntu 16.06.02 pi2 mini and Standard are both stock 16.05.05 pi2 mate lite gamers 8g 16.05.04 pi2 Xubuntu lite 4g pi2 Lubuntu-Qt lite 4g mini and standard lite 4g kubuntu-low-fat-settings have been added to scripts 16.05.03 apt-fast scripts have been made.. apt-fast, gdebi, & wget have now been added to the base / minimal build. hope this will speed up the builds downloads and use my full bandwidth when it can. 16.05.02 Learning as we go.. Linux-firmware-nonfree has been deleted and has put the build on hold. i just didnt know how to work-around. so this build of Pi2-mate-16.05.02-lite-8g doesn’t have nonfree pi2-mate-16.05.02-lite-8g-nonfree does have 1.16 Wily 16.04.22 builds are on hold while the linux firmware nonfree is worked out. none of my build boot with out it.. 16.04.19 Mate base 2de= xfce4, lxde, lxqt, razorqt, awesome, gnome fallback,kubuntu, cinnamon 16.04.18 Lubuntu full DE with awesome razorqt and gnome fallback check your DE before you login, use lxde/lxqt to setup wifi 16.04.16 xkubuntu xubuntu as base with kubuntu installed. testing out kubuntu-low-fat-settings yes Low fat worked like a charm, calmed KDE’s Fat ass right down load xubuntu download and install low-fat-settings logout and try. 16.04.15 Cinnamate Mate full as base with cinnamon added 16.04.14 Tested Mate, Xubuntu, tested good Gnome was slow and gfx crashed a few times, but gnome classic and fall back work. Lubuntu-qt no menu xfce4 error - removed from downloads kubuntu - text gfx are all messed up - removed from downloads BRANCH=next rpi-update broke it 16.04.12 Stock script build and booted Ubuntu Mate 16.04.12 pi Lite 8g 16.04.10 still none of my builds will boot. 16.04.07 Tests are going ok at best, 1st boot user setup crashes, loads guest user then deletes everything on logout. lets hope that was just a glitch. removed lxde since v2 hfs+ support added. 16.04.05 ***Script got an update today.. lets see what works. so far mini and standard built. let me know if they work. all my download numbers reset when i dropped the files in the folder. easy over 100 downloads.. i know wow right. v4 - 16.03.22 again just updates v3 again mostly just updates. having trouble with lxde & lubuntu and xserver-xorg-video-fbturbo missing depends so thats what holding up the full version. v2 - 16.03.08 mostly just updated as of day of or just before. v1 - 16.02.29 pi2 mate full 2de 8g mate default 2de= lxde lxqt xfce4 razorqt awesome gnome-flash-back 8g=8gig switch so 8gig .img file full = script included add ons start at line 335 # out anything you don’t want to get this to work a few pi hacks had to be #’d out. after 1st boot reboots it hangs i don’t know why. or if your watching when it shuts down unplug or switch off. turn back on. if you miss it and it hangs.. power down and back on. OEM user might show. just pick your user you made at 1st boot. add cocky script and go minimal and standard are stock pi flavor maker (fixed) made the date before upload or on upload date
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