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Ulmac v1.0.0 Copyright (c) 2011 ----------------------------------------------------- Introduction ------------ The Ultimate Live Music Audio Converter is an all in one audio conversion tool specifically designed around the file formats used for live music trading. System Requirements ------------------- Java™ 1.6.0 Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or later The following external programs are required by Ulmac to encode/decode files. If you are using an installer thsee programs will already be installed but if you do not have these programs please follow the provided links to download them. LAME - MP3 encoder FLAC - FLAC encoder/decoder SHORTEN - SHN encoder/decoder Windows - Mac/Linux - OGG - OGG encoder Installation ------------ If an installer program is not being used to manually install Ulmac unzip all files to any folder and run the application. Troubleshooting Tips -------------------- Q: Ulmac will not open. A: Check that you have the required JRE installed that is specified in the System Requirements section. Also verify that you have downloaded the file version that is specific to your operating system. Q: Process Queue button does not work. A: Verify that you have installed the external programs required to encode/decode files and specified the path to those programs inside the Edit->Preferences... window. Another common reason for the process queue to fail is a corrupted file. To identify the cause of the error click Window->Show View->Console to open the debugging console. Q: Problems with Itunes library updates A: Currently this feature is only available for Windows operating systems and requires com4j.dll and reg-1.3.6.dll to be placed in the system directory. If you are running Windows and still having problems try reinstalling Ulmac using the latest and greatest installer to ensure that all required libraries are installed. Q: Files are not being converted. A: Check that your output directory has enough free space. Ulmac requires enough space to create the files being processing in their selected output format plus space for any intermediate wav files. Version History --------------- * v1.0.0 * use a temporary directory to store intermittent files so that outputting to a mapped cloud drive does not cause application to hang * added auto processing options to input directories preference page * added copy mp3 option to input directories preference page * fixed search site preference page * fixed bug with lost saved preferences when application is unexpectedly terminated * fixed problems with accidentally deleting output files * fixed bug with saving privileges/starting the app in Vista or Windows 7 * do not use set list track names if count does not match files being converted * save preference page and search site state * various bugs * v0.4.8b * added preference page to allow customization of search options * v0.4.7b * fixed bug when encoding flac to ogg the source file was always being deleted * v0.4.6b * support for ogg encoding * added filter for input directory scan based on file extensions * manual directory scan will now include files that have been processed or deleted * v0.4.5b * prevent id3 tags from having invalid characters and causing encoder to fail * prevent file and directory names from having invalid characters (windows only) * improved logic on automatic directory scanning * v0.4.4b * added logic for input directories scan to skip files that have been removed from the table queue and files generated by Ulmac * v0.4.3b * added context menus to process all files with the same source directory * added context menus to process only selected files * made include/exclude directory preferences non case sensitive * added logic for input directories scan to skip files that have already been processed in the current session * v0.4.2b * added scan input directories button to file queue toolbar and menu * added input directories preference page which contains settings that allow the user to scan directories where new files are downloaded * fixed defect with loading files that are in a subdirectory of a directory that is opened or dropped * new preference that controls whether the application is closed to the system tray * duplicate files no longer added to the file queue * added context menus to edit or delete all files with the same source directory * v0.4.1b * added show output directory button to file queue toolbar * added context menu option to select all files with the same source directory * fixed bug with delete source option if destination is same as source * fixed setlist parsing bug * fixed bug where ulmac was not honoring update library setting * warn user if try to shut down while processing files * v0.4.0b * allow conversion of wav file types * allow tagging of mp3 file types * update itunes library with new files * added debug and progress perspectives * customizable file queue table * context menu options to play and open the directory of file in queue * allow freetext entries for Genre * context menu option to set title to file name * context menu option to add file(s) or directory * add files in subdirectory of an added directory * v0.3.5b * default track name to file name if setlist comes up blank * v0.3.0b * added tag loading via set list file * added automatically load tags from set list preference * added copy setlist to output directory preference * v0.2.0b * added automatic updating * changed donation button text * make file item dialog wider so items aren't chopped off on Vista * add set track #s to context menu * fixed console logging issue * save layout and window size between sessions * add error log view * edit each item individually opens the dialog for one item at a time * changed preference page from General to File Queue * default the startup preference page to File Queue * performance improvements * added Edit All button to tool bar and Edit menu * v0.1.2b - bug fixes * fixed program selection for linux * added new preference to set the max number of characters to display in the console, this will hopefully prevent any java out of memory errors * updated lame url link * added popup message to instruct user where to download required programs if they are missing * fixed preference saving issue if user selects program path after starting a job * v0.1.1b - minor tweaks... * flex shorten hyperlink based on OS * removed functionality to hide in system tray on close * added readme.txt and license.txt * v0.1b - first beta release. Contact ------------------- If you have any questions or suggestions about Ulmac please contact the development team using the following link
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