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  • its a poor remaster of winbuntu, only changes the name, all the rest its just almost same! .... i cannot see the "light" here! .. many users in review said "dont work" or "i have a problem" but give 4 starts!!! so then, so stupid as users that donwloaded...

  • Immediately after installing the distro changed the name for Ubuntu 10.04, my Wacom tablet is not working, the update Manager gave an error - ubufox install failed. Сразу после установки дистрибутив изменил имя на убунту 10.04, мой планшет компании Wacom не работает, менеджер обновлений выдал ошибку - ubufox установить не удалось.

  • My favorite OS

  • so sad this excelent OS is no longer supported, but we can send a request via twitter to the creator @jonramvi to #getepback

  • If you do not want to pick up a virus under Windows, and only use the internet - this operating system for you! Also my laptop has run longer (previously it was 3 hours, now has 5 hours of battery life!)

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  • Love this app

  • interesting ! isn't it ? Q --/_ / \

  • Love this app

  • deseo bajar ubuntu-eee gratis

  • Free, very quick, easy to use and rock solid. A top quality application.

  • Excellent. Light-weight and loaded with most of the features I wanted.

  • Very usefull and easy to incorporate in your apps.

  • gracias

  • This is a great Linux OS and it works very well without any issues since using it and the installation more than a year ago. I installed it on my ASUS Netbook and everything works without a problem. I also installed this on a customer ASUS EEEPC 900 and it was well received since the original XP was corrupted and had problems. No problems with Easy Peasy 1.6. I am looking forward to the new 2.0. If you want a great and simple OS for your Netbook this is the one. randy

  • A very impressive Linux distro for netbooks. We used the DistroWatch website to test all distros from a search based on the 'Netbook' distribution category. Our test machine was an ASUS EeePC 1005HA Netbook. This was by far the best distro for an ex-windows user, due to it being very user-friendly, with a well thought out GNOME desktop, and support for sound, mouse, wifi, and digital cameras built-in. It is also backed up by the Ubuntu Software Center and Update Manager which makes finding, installing, and updating packages a snap!

  • Nice work thank you

  • Are there any updates coming?

  • Outstanding driver, thank you

  • Outstanding software, thanks

  • great, thanks

  • Thanks you for so usefull software.

  • Are there any updates available?

  • Thanks you for so usefull soft.

  • This version is even better, that the previous ones. Great work, that saves you a lot of time, thanks!

  • Using this for the last 3 years. Best soft in the niche.

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