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This is a system written for managing the work flow of a University Institutional Repository System. To use this, 1. download the uskis.v2 package 2, get a directory for the uskis system set up under your web server's root. (see your system administrator). 3. Copy the package to that directory. 4. use a unix/linux command: tar -xvjf irwf.tar.bz2 to unzip and uncompress the archive file. 5. run the file "BUILD-DB.sql" (created by step 4.) in a MySQL command line to create the necessary MySQL database. 6. Test to see if it gets served via the web. 7. Note: We use a "CAS" authentication server to verify the user is a affiliated with the university, and then a local database for authorized uskis users.) Your university system may be different. 8. You may also need to use the SSH protocol to connect with your ultimate content server (instead of FTP). There is an example of using this in the "ssh-version.X2CM.php" source file.
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