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  • To record shows using my twin tuner DTV card is easy and reliable. I prefer to browse my local TV guide and add shows, daily, weekly, weekends, once etc and it's always just worked. Thumbsup!

  • Not a review (haven't tested yet), have given 5 stars not to affect average too much. ***** IMPORTANT NOTE FOR UK USERS: ***** The stations.list file provided has out-of-date information for post-changeover (2012) Crystal Palace frequencies, and presumably all other UK stations. Until updated, suggest program be provided with a clear warning about this. Easy enough to edit file, once known (caution: if program is installed might reinstate old version). Updated info for Crystal Palace. Needs line breaks to match original. The data I downloaded with vJC27.9 had had channel 29 added, but two other channels were wrong. #Crystal Palace station.1.57.0.freq=506000 station.1.57.1.freq=482000 station.1.57.2.freq=490000 station.1.57.3.freq=530000 station.1.57.4.freq=514000 station.1.57.5.freq=538000

  • Great program that's unfortunately broken by Java Update 15. DVBowners and sourceforge forums down - help?

  • As the forums are down can the Java 1.7u5 issue be taken to My branch thread is DVB Owners Discussion Forum - > Technical & Development Forums > WebScheduler Development > TV Scheduler Pro JC Build (Latest) I have tried 1.7u5 and it seems to work fine. I have also compiled my latest branch with 1.7u5 and this is located on the svn server here (unable to post links). Please try and report what OS etc. you are using on the DVB forum.

  • The forums on sourceforge aren't working for some reason but as raymondjpg has noted, Java v7 update 5 has completely broken TV Scheduler, DO NOT LET JAVA AUTO UPDATE or it will break TV Scheduler. null, are you still working on this, if so, is there a fix/workaround in the works?

  • doesn't appear to work with Java Version 7 Update 5.

  • Very useful project!

  • Fantastic! App does exactly as it says, simply, efficiently, all through a local web interface. Awesome... Works with my Dvico tuner cards fine. All the features. Stable as on win7-32 You guys rock.. AJ

  • Much better than the native software that comes with most cards.

  • Simple text web-based interface, but only scans/loads channels for the following countries: * Australia * United Kingdom * Finland * Germany * Netherlands * Sweden * Taiwan * France

  • Top marks no question

  • Great Program. Have been using it for a few years and bought the Pro version when it was available.

  • I have been using this software since version 2.13. I even bought the pro version when it was a $$ package. This is the best Digital TV recording software on the planet.

  • been using this program since ver 4.0 and will n ot use anything else to record dig tv