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  • Lo uso desde la primerísima versión. Soy guitarrista y desde mis inicios, esta ha sido una herramienta constante e imprescindible. Gracias al todo el equipo que hizo posible esta pequeña maravilla y espero pronto compartir mis samples y música con todos ustedes. Mis mejores deseos. Mike Leviathan

  • Getting better and better TuxGuitar is already great and deserve the best.

  • Great app that helps me to learn guitar playing.

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  • Please add support for the Guitar Pro 7 Extension File (.gp)

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  • Please add support for the Guitar Pro 7 Extension File (.gp)

  • Great application!

  • Great software ! Simple to use and configure. A lot of useful features. The mixer was simpler to use in the previous versions though... :)

  • Awesome!

  • Please return simple and easy mixer version 1.2. This mixer just spoils the entire program. Terribly uncomfortable to use. I would like to have the same button for solo and mute for each track at the bottom of the program window. I would also like to be able to mount my sf files through the program interface.

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  • Easy to use and great for musicians that don't knwo formal music

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  • Take back the old tool bar please!!!!

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  • The best.

  • Muy buen trabajo, gracias a esto los que usamos entorno Linux podemos disfrutar con la música evitando virtualizar Guitar Pro. Un abrazo.

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  • Since tuxguitar-gpx pluggin is now supported by default, we can open .gpx tabs, but the metronome and the countdown for the metronome is not working with these .gpx tabs (it works well with .gp5) Please fix this, because there is nowhere to convert them to GP5 now. Pleaase !

  • Greate guitar tab editor and player!

  • Only because Tux 1.3 will not work load are anything on my Windows 10 Please fix this... 1.2 works fine on it...

  • Great editor which I've used a long time ago, but quite a lot during the last year. And now even better with this new 1.3 release (the sound improvements are useful, haven't explored all other updates).

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  • Good idea but... UI is bulky and primitive. But actual problem is the development. It has stopped.

  • Great program for Guitar. There should be some simpler way to load instruments via soundfonds, since this improves the sound a lot.

  • Good project and in linux land is in dire need of it. Don't know why we haven't had a new release in such SUCH a long time :(

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  • After I reinstalled my Windows 8 after christmas, I couldn't get TuxGuitar to run anymore (cause I use JDK 1.8 and didn't want to try and install several other versions of Java). I was pissed and eventually got over it, until I just now visited the project website (google it) and found other versions with standalone Java Runtimes which solved the problem for me.

  • TuxGuitar WAS great, until it broke under OS X 10.10 due to a bug in the old version of the JRE. Now the updated versions of JRE 7u71 or 8u25 that work with OS X 10.10 are incompatible with TuxGuitar, so I am dead in the water and all my tabs are lost.

  • Great tool that I have been using for years to practice guitar. Not perfect, but still very good and well done.

  • Very good software. I've been looking for something to replace guitar pro, and I must admit that TuxGuitar is even better in some aspects. It takes a bit to get used to, but it clearly worth it!

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  • Excellent, only really useful thing missing is an option to to apply parameters such as loudness to groups of notes / entire bars as well as individual notes.

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