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Symbian 2011-04-19 2011-05-23 4.9 kB
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TSPSG-v0.1-beta2-setup.exe 2011-04-19 18.5 MB 2011-04-19 4.7 MB
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TSPSG v0.1 beta 2 release README

Release Notes


  • tspsg-
    Source with Unix-style line endings in all text files.
    Source with DOS-style line endings in all text files.

Except for the line endings both source archives are identical.


Linux packages were built using openSUSE Build Service and depend on the default version of Qt in target distribution of the package.

Gentoo ebuilds. Unpack to any category (e.g., app-misc) of your portage overlay. The archive contains tspsg folder with ebuilds and all necessary files.


TSPSG supports Symbian^1 (a.k.a S60 5th Edition) and Symbian^3 devices. It was built using Qt 4.7.3. The installation packages are packed with Nokia Smart Installer and install all required dependencies automatically.

WARNING: The files, provided here are self-signed and not recommended. Please, use OVI Store on your device to install TSPSG by searching for tspsg keyword in it or follow this link:

  • TSPSG-v0.1-beta2-s1-installer.sis
    This is installation package for Symbian^1.
  • TSPSG-v0.1-beta2-s3-installer.sis
    This is installation package for Symbian^3.


TSPSG supports Windows XP and higher, 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
The Installer contains both 32-bit and 64-bit builds and installs the one according to your system.

The file is signed with StartSSL Class 2 Code Signing certificate.

Windows Mobile
TSPSG supports Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC edition and higher.
Minimal recommended resolution is QVGA (240x320). The free storage space required is about 11 MB.

The file is signed with StartSSL Class 2 Code Signing certificate (does not validate in Windows Mobile but validates in desktop Windows).


TSPSG was built under FreeBSD 6.3 using Qt 4.6.3. The following packages/ports are required to be able to run it: devel/qt4-corelib, x11-toolkits/qt4-gui, graphics/qt4-svg and all required dependencies. To get support of additional image formats for solution graph export you may also install graphics/qt4-imageformats package/port.

NOTE: Please, note, that FreeBSD build is highly experimental as it has not been tested at all.


NOTE: Full ChangeLog comes with installation packages and is available here as ChangeLog-0.1.4.txt.

TSPSG v0.1 beta 2 (build 170)

What's New

  • Support for embedded base64 encoded images when saving solution as HTML (Ticket #4).
  • The ability to setup page-related options for printing (Ticket #5).
  • Solution graph size can now be controlled using Output/GraphWidth setting in tspsg.ini. Value is in centimeters. (Ticket #8)

Changes & Improvements

  • Any value that is entered into task table and doesn't contain numbers is considered an infinity.
  • Some error messages are more verbose.
  • Removed a prompt about turning off language autodetection when selecting a language.
  • Handheld version includes larger icons (48x48 instead of 32x32).
  • If after running Save As dialog file name doesn't have an extension .tspt will be automatically appended.
  • Translucency effect is available on all desktop platforms. No check for its support by window system is made at this moment. Blur is only available in Windows Vista or higher.


  • Bug #2: Solution graph is too small on high resolution screens.
  • Bug #3: Solution graph font size should be fixed.
  • Bug #6: Bug: Actions in Options Menu.
  • Bug #7: No Cancel option in Unsaved Changes dialog under Symbian.
  • Bug #9: Solution graph is still exported to HTML when graph generation is disabled.
  • Language name was not loaded in its menu item's status tip which caused status tip to be "Set application language to ".
  • Icons in toolbar configuration dialog didn't follow style and one of them wasn't shown.
Source:, updated 2011-05-23