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--- 3.0.2 --- Bug Fixed: - [3429703] TIntObjectHashMap losing entry - [3431135] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at TIntIntHashMap.keys - [3432212] entrySet() does not unwrap in cased of no_entry_value or no_entrykey - [3432175] Decorator entrySet() -keySet() impl - Minor problem with the way null keys are unwarped --- 3.0.1 --- Bugs Fixed: - fix for ClassCastException in equals(T,T) when comparing with REMOVED - [3408129] Benchmarks don't run correctly - [3394094] Args to gnu.trove.generator.Generator not basedir-relative - Re-introduce TLinkableAdapter class New Features: - [3412967] Need TMap interface - .zip and .tgz files now expand into a sub-directory - Documentation for generator patterns and replicated blocks - Maven artifact generation now a bit more automatic --- 3.0.0 --- - !!! Major restructuring of classes and packages !!! Interfaces have been broken out to allow for alternate implementations. The package changes will require code migration, although it should mainly consist of simply updating import statements. However, because everything is in new packages, both Trove 2.x and Trove 3.x can co-exist in a classpath (to hopefully ease the migration burden). - Broke out classes that allow custom hashing for performance reasons. New collections are: - TCustomHashMap - TCustomHashSet - TObject*CustomHashMap (ex: TObjectIntCustomHashMap) IdentityHashingStrategy is available for identity-based hash maps. - [ 3152276 ] Add sum() method to T*List - [ 3159432 ] THashMap.entrySet().remove() throws on non-Entries - [ 3153005 ] fix for null keys in Object maps - Benchmarks for comparing different libraries. Currently java.util, Colt, Trove 2 and Trove 3. - Fixes to serialVersionUID's and where Serializable is marked. For example, Serializable has been removed from the interfaces for various collections (to better match how it's done in java.util). - Many bug fixes, particularly to TLinkedList. --- 2.1.0 --- No substantial changes. --- 2.1.0 a3 --- Bugs fixed: - [ 2685774 ] THashMap serialization bug in 2.0.4 --- 2.1.0 a2 --- Bugs fixed: - [ 2166456 ] clone() for TObject<XXX>HashMap is inefficient - [ 2166768 ] add toString() method to maps. Thanks to Ozgur Aydinli. - [ 2688770 ] TxxxArrayList serializes full capacity instead of full size - [ 2687519 ] Primitive Lists hashCode is calculated w/o regard for order - Fixed issues related to removing items multiple times from TLinkedList and using removeFirst/Last when no items are in the list. New Features - [ 2126522 ] add putAll() to the HashMaps. Thanks to Ozgur Aydinli. --- 2.1.0 a1 --- Bugs fixed: - [ 2143564 ] THashSet serialization - [ 1960418 ] Decorators serialization - [ 2127841 ] Use <Type>.valueOf on wrap/unwrap in T#K##V#HashMapDecorator New Features: - Added "Dectorators" class for easier creation of decorator classes. - [ 2152149 ] Improve performance by avoiding Math/StrictMath (thanks to Mark Beevers) --- 2.0.5 a1 --- Bugs fixed: - [ 2037709 ] bug in .keys(<T>[]) method New Features: - added keys(e[]) method to P2O maps (TIntObjectHashMap, etc.) --- 2.0.4 --- Bugs fixed: - [ 1959853 ] @return for put and putIfAbsent is incorrect --- 2.0.4 rc1 --- Bugs Fixed: - [ 1952509 ] Replace StringBuffer with StringBuilder - [ 1952508 ] pufIfAbsent for maps - [ 1955103 ] Hashing Strategy Not Retained After Serialization --- 2.0.4 a2 --- Bugs fixed: - Correct an error in TLinkedList that caused nodes to not be properly linked when using addAfter(T,T). --- 2.0.4 a1 --- Bugs fixed: - [ 1946240 ] THash.ensureCapacity(...) bug --- 2.0.3 --- Bugs Fixed: - [ 1932929 ] add toString() methods to THashSet and THashMap - Switched to Arrays.fill (which seems to be slightly faster) for clearing --- 2.0.2 --- Bugs Fixed: - [ 1821911 ] get(0) doesn't throw exception when TLinkedList is empty - [ 1800288 ] Trivial typo fixes --- 2.0.1 --- Bugs Fixed: - Fixed implementation of PArrayList.min() and .max(). --- 2.0.1 rc1 --- New Features: [ 1778999 ] Publish a source-JAR with future releases Misc: - Switched version from 2.1 to 2.0.1. --- 2.0.1 ALPHA 3 (previously: 2.1 ALPHA 3) --- Bugs Fixed: [ 1764177 ] bug in binary search --- 2.0.1 ALPHA 2 (previously: 2.1 ALPHA 2) --- New Features: [ 1748566 ] add <T> T[] getValues(T[] a) Bugs Fixed: - Corrected hashcode computation for longs. Should result in better lookup performance. --- 2.0.1 ALPHA 1 (previously: 2.1 ALPHA 1) --- New Features: [ 1741864 ] add TLinkedList addAfter method Bugs Fixed: [ 1738760 ] T*HashMap.retainEntries should suspend automatic compaction. - Corrected hashcode computation for longs. Should result in better lookup performance. Misc: - Added an assertion in HashFunctions to throw an assertion if a value of NaN is used in a lookup/insert/delete from a map. - Added TLinkedList.getNext() and getPrevious() methods. --- 2.0 --- Unchanged from 2.0rc1 --- 2.0rc1 --- New Features: [ 1606090 ] adjustOrPutValue [ 1604073 ] Generate primitive stacks [ 1632250 ] Do maps implement Iterable [ 1670933 ] Provide access to stack native arrays [ 1690743 ] Add subList(begin, end) to ArrayLists Added forEach(TObjectProcedure) method to TLinkedList Bugs Fixed: [ 1640353 ] Generator fails on multiple file systems [ 1676866 ] Not handling REMOVED flag correctly in TObjectHash.index(T) [ 1642768 ] Exception removing from iterator when auto-compact occurs --- 2.0a2 --- New Features: [ 779039 ] expose decorator's set/map Bugs Fixed: [ 1428614 ] THashMap.values().remove() can remove multiple mappings [ 1506751 ] TxxxArrayList.toNativeArray(offset, len) is broken [ 1606095 ] Critical Iterator Error --- 2.0a1 --- This release adds support for generics, which were introduced in JSE 1.5. Starting with this release, JSE 1.5 or greater is required in order to run Trove. Special thanks to JetBrains for their initial work providing generics support. Also added in this release is automatic compaction, such that manually calling compact() is no longer necessary (although it may still provide performance benefits in certain situations). Compactions are by default performed automatically when a certain number of removes are performed based on the size of the set or map. The compaction factor can be specified via THash.setAutoCompactionFactor(float) (the default compaction factor is set to match the load factor). So, for example, if a map is created with an initial capacity of 10 and a load factory of 0.5, a compaction will be performed after 5 removes. If a size is later grown to 1000, then a compaction will occur after 500 removes. When a set/map is rehashed, the time to next compaction is reset. NOTE: auto-compaction can be disabled by setting the autoCompactionFactory (via THash.setAutoCompactionFactor) to zero. Manually compacting a collection will also reset the auto-compaction counter, so that manually compacting more often than auto-compaction wants to occur effectively also disables auto-compaction. NOTE: while manually calling compact() is no longer strictly necessary, results should always be verified in your application to ensure that the auto-compaction scheme and the compaction factors work well for your individual scenario. Support for more primitve types has been introduced. Object serialization has been changed to use Externalization. Unfortunately this means that objects serialized with earlier versions cannot be read by this release. The up-side is that this gives enough flexibility to ensure that we won't need to break serialization again. The other benefit is that the output is more efficient/compact and readable... especially when used with XML serialization mechanisms such as XStream. New Features: [ 918059 ] should rehash when below low water mark upon remove [ 1153656 ] generics? Bugs Fixed: [ 1518795 ] NullPointerException in TLinkedList's removeFirst()/Last() [ 1277703 ] make T**HashMap serializable [ 1417563 ] TLinkedList.add(int,Object) bug [ 1518823 ] another TLinkedList.add(int,Object) bug [ 1461458 ] THashMap.equals(..) method is not consistent [ 1571435 ] Error in cloning of TObjectXXXHashMap instances --- 1.1b5 --- Bugs fixed: [ 1391359 ] Duplicate iteration in THashSet.toArray(Object[]) removed the duplication [ 1382196 ] THashMap.entrySet().retainAll() implemented missing methods on elements of entrySet, refactored retainAll to use retainEntries, which saves a bunch of allocations [ 1378868 ] CVS has junit.jar checked in as ASCII flipped on '-kb' for this file [ 1193416 ] TByteArrayList throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException wrongly fixed off by one error --- 1.1b4 --- Accepted patch for feature request 926921 - adds support for short, byte collections. Also adds support for null object keys. THIS WILL BREAK SERIALIZATION. A big thanks to Steven Lunt for putting this patch together. Added testSerializablePrimitives unit test to validate that behavior reported in 1113420 does work as it's supposed to. Fixed doc problem reported in 939016 Fixed 995597, missing serial version IDs. NOTE: THashMap, THashSet and TLinkedList have IDs generated by serialver and are believed to be b/w compatible. The generated collections, however, are NOT reverse compatible versions and so will break archived collections created with earlier versions of trove. Fixed 937977 -- primitive array lists were not doing a true deep clone of the underlying array. This is fixed --- 1.1b3 --- Fixed 918045 -- bug in *Decorator classes made it impossible to subclass the decorators and make those subclasses cloneable. Thanks to Steve Lunt for the bug report. --- 1.1b2 --- Fixed 901135 -- bug in T*Hash.insertionIndex() methods that prevented us from reclaiming the very first REMOVED slot if that's what the first hash landed upon. In applications that do lots of adds/removes, this would have led to unnecessary rehashing. With this fix, you can add(1), remove(1), and then re add(1) and the same slot will be used. Thanks to matlun for reporting the problem. --- 1.1b1 --- fixed a bug in decorator equals methods (845890) fixed a memory leak for certain usage patterns (843772) corrected some javadoc defects (846286) minor tuning of T*ArrayList toString() added clone() methods to decorator classes. Thanks to Steve Lunt for the bug report. implemented equals()/hashCode() on THashMap.KeyView and (by extension) subclasses. This allows the test in THashMapTests.testKeySetEqualsEquivalentSet to pass. fix 787515 -- bug in T*ArrayList.set(int, *[], int, int) --- 1.0.2 --- revamped versioning scheme added hashCode implementation to collections so that they can appear in collections too. added check+exception to detect violations of the equals() <-> hashCode() contract specified in java.lang.Object's api. --- 0.1.8 --- Added gnu.trove.decorator package, with Decorator classes that wrap trove's primitive maps and sets for conformance with the java.util.{Map,Set} APIs. --- 0.1.7 --- Added iterators to the primitive maps and sets. Note that semantics differ from those of java.util.Iterator, so RTFM. Added hashing strategy interfaces to allow users to implement custom hashing schemes for optimal distribution for specific data sets. Fixed bug 602376 -- ClassCastException n THashMap.putAll Made all collections implement Cloneable. primitive collections clone deeply; Object collections produce shallow clones. --- 0.1.6 --- Minor bug fix release. Two bugs in TIntArrayList have been fixed. Thanks to Jessica P. Hekman for reporting them. One of these prevented toNativeArray from working correctly in certain circumstances; the other problem was with the depth of cloning operations. One enhancement to TintArrayList has been made -- serialized instances are now compact -- previous versions relied on serialization behavior of the backing array, which included empty slots and so wasted space. Serialization of sets/maps has been modified as follows: previously all of the writeObject methods used a local implementation of the TXXXProcedure for writing out the data in a particular collection. These have been replaced by a single class (SerializationProcedure) which implements all of the appropriate interfaces. This reduces the number of .class files in the trove jar --- 0.1.5 --- added retainEntries methods to all Map classes. These methods accept procedure objects of the appropriate sort and use the return value of those procedures to determine whether or not a particular entry in the map should be retained. This is useful for applying a cutoff in a map without copying data: TIntIntHashMap map = new TIntIntHashMap(); // load up map map.retainEntries(new TIntIntProcedure() { public boolean execute(int key, int val) { return val > 3; // retain only those mappings with val > 3 } }); It can also be used if you want to reduce one map to the intersection between it and another map: THashMap map1 = new THashMap(); THashMap map2 = new THashMap(); // load up both maps map1.retainEntries(new TObjectObjectProcedure() { public boolean execute(Object key, Object val) { return map2.containsKey(key); // retain the intersection with map2 } }); --- 0.1.4 --- added increment() and adjustValue() methods to maps with primitive values. These are useful in the all-too-common case where you need a map for the purposes of counting the number of times a key is seen. These methods are handy because you don't have to do a "containsKey" test prior to every increment() call. Instead, you can check the return status (true if an existing mapping was modified) and if it is false, then insert the mapping with the initial value: TIntIntHashMap map = TIntIntHashMap(); int key, val; key = keyFromSomeWhere(); val = valFromSomeWhere(); if (! map.increment(key)) map.put(key, 0); increment is implemented in terms of adjustValue, which allows you to specify the amount by which the primitive value associated with a particular key should be adjusted. Thanks to Jason Baldridge for the idea. --- 0.1.3 --- bug fix in TLinkedList ListIterator implementation: fixed remove() behavior so that it correctly removes the last element returned by either next() or previous(). Added several tests to suite to verify that list iterator does what it's supposed to do in accordance with the collections API docs. --- 0.1.2 --- bug fix in primitive hash sets: toArray now produces a correct return value of size set.size(). Previously it generated an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. Thanks to Tobias Henle for finding this. revised class hierarchy so that all primitive hashing collections are derived from TPrimitiveHash, which extends THash. Object hashing collections are derived from TObjectHash. As part of this change, the byte[] flags were pushed down to TPrimitiveHash, and TObjectHash was revised so that it no longer needs a byte[] array to track the state of the table. This has an appreciable impact on the total size of Object hashing collections: a set of 1,000 Integers used to take 69% of the memory needed for a JDK set; it now takes only 62%. removed slots can now be re-used in all hashing collections. If the search for an insertion index does not find that the key is already present in the map, insertionIndex implementations will now return the index of the first REMOVED or FREE slot. This means that tables which undergo a pattern of insertions/deletions without radical changes in size will not trigger as many rehashes as before. revised hashing algorithm so that the second hash function is only executed when necessary and so that FREE or FULL w/identical content slots can be found with a minimum of effort. --- 0.1.1 --- made the initial capacity of lists used for return values in grep/inverseGrep be the default capacity rather than the size of the list-being-grepped. This saves space when a small list is grepped from a larger list. added reset and resetQuick methods to *ArrayList implementations so that lists can be cleared while retaining their current capacity. changed *ArrayList toNativeArray() method behavior so that a List of 0 length can return a native array of 0 length (previously this would have thrown an exception) revamped *ArrayList insert/remove implementations so that edits are done in place instead of with a temporary array. minor performance tweak in THashIterator --- 0.1.0 --- Added primitive ArrayList implementations. --- 0.0.9 --- Made all collections implement Made all collections implement equals() so that they compare their contents instead of doing collection object identity. Made TLinkable extend Changed secondary hash function to reflect Knuth's observation about the desirability of using an odd value. Added trimToSize() and ensureCapacity() methods (finally) implemented loadFactor, with default of 0.5, per Knuth. Note that load/capacity/size are handled differently than in the Javasoft implementations. Specifically, if you ask for a collection of capacity X, Trove will give you one that can hold X elements without rehashing; Javasoft's implementation does not do this. --- 0.0.8 --- Fixes for several user-reported bugs. Unit tests have been added to demonstrate that each of these is actually fixed. 485440 Null in keys() from TObjectDoubleHashMap size/free were being updated even when a map.put() was really a replaement for an existing mapping. 485829 null values not handled correctly 485831 null values cause exceptions 485834 null values cause NullPointerException made Maps that hold Object values behave correctly (no NPE) when doing comparisons with null objects, since null values are legal. 485837 entrySet comparison semantics are wrong made entrySet check both key and value when doing comparisons. --- 0.0.7 --- new package: gnu.trove.benchmark replaced gnu.trove.Benchmark with benchmark package. This now produces formatted reports that include OS/JVM specs. Changed benchmarking approach so that timestamps are only taken at the beginning/end of the full repetition count for an operation. This reduces the variability caused by calling System.currentTimeMillis() more than once in the same second. Added memory profiler which produces a report with the memory requirements for trove/javasoft collections of the same objects. build.xml modified jar task so that the benchmark package is not included in the jar file or the javadoc set. Only the framework classes get jarred up; developers can run the benchmarks by using the output/classes directory instead. TObjectHash Based on profiling results, replaced calls to HashFunctions.hash(obj) with direct invocation of obj.hashCode() to save a method call. This is probably inlined by hotspot compilers, but my profiler doesn't work with those. TObjectHash.HashIterator Based on bytecode examination, replaced a putfield/getfield combo with a putfield/dup_x. This saves three opcodes in a method which gets called a lot (moveToNextIndex()). PrimeFinder/HashFunctions finalized both classes and all methods.
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