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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TripleA is a free turn based strategy game and board game engine. Has single player vs ai/hot-seat, multiplayer through Play By Email, network play, and a hosted online lobby. Comes with 4 games, and over 100 more games and maps that can be downloaded from the user community. It is open source, needing only Java 6 to run (can run on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc). Supports features such as savegames, encrypted dice gen, low luck, and many other options. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How do you download more maps? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TripleA comes with, by default, just 4 maps: Big World, Great War, Capture the Flag, and Minimap (TripleA version 1.3 and later have 4 additional maps: New World Order, Pact of Steel, Napoleonic Empires, and Middle Earth) To download more, All you have to do is start up TripleA (Yes that means run the .exe or .sh) and click on the Download Maps button. A dialog box will open where you can add links to "Map Repositories" (sites that host maps.) Here is the best link to add (at the time of writing this): AGAIN, Just take the link (the long http one that ends in .xml), and copy it. Then open up TripleA, click on Download maps, then PASTE it into the blank box there, then click "list games". (Opening the link in your web-browser will do nothing for you). Here is a slideshow showing how to do it: If you need to install the maps Manually, they are located at: (Windows) C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\triplea\maps (Mac) /home/user/documents/triplea/maps (Linux) /home/user/triplea/maps Simply download the zip and move it to that folder. No need to unzip if the zip file is properly set up. You can download the zips manually from ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How to Play ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Very Basic 'How to Play': Though some games have special rules enforced, most games follow some of these basic guidelines. - 1. Players start their turn by choosing what they will produce. They spend the money they gathered during their last turn on new units or even technology. These units will be put on the board at the end of the player's turn. - 2. Then that Player does a "combat move", which means moving units to all the places they wish to attack this turn. Simply click on a unit and move your mouse to the territory you wish to attack, and then click again. You can select a path for a unit to take by holding down 'ctrl' and clicking on all the territories on the way to the final territory it will be attacking. Pressing shift or ctrl will select all units. Right clicking will deselect a unit. - 3. Then everyone resolves all the combat battles. This involves rolling dice for the attacking units and the defending units too. For example, a Tank might attack at a "3" meaning that when you roll the dice you need a "3" or less for him to "hit" the enemy. If the tank hits the enemy, then the other player chooses one of his units to die, and the battle continues. After each round of dice, the attacker chooses to retreat or press on until he has defeated all enemy units in that territory. The game rolls the dice for you automatically. - 4. After this, the Player may move any units that have not yet moved as a "non-combat" move, and any air units return to friendly territory to land. - 5. When the player has completed all of this, then he or she may place the units that they have purchased at the beginning of their turn. Then the game engine counts out the value of the territories they control and gives them that much money. The next nation then begins their turn. Games last until one side surrenders. To see the specific rules and notes for a specific game, first start playing that game, then click the HELP menu at the top of the screen. From there, click "GAME NOTES". For further help, or instructions on how to host games online, please visit this webpage: or ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Links ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit our homepage at: Files at: Maps at: War Club, Ladder, Tournaments, and Strategy Forum: Developer Forum at: Help / FAQ at: or Screenshots and Map pictures: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What is TripleA? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TripleA is a free turn based strategy game and board game. Has single player vs ai/hot-seat, multiplayer through Play By Email, network play, and a hosted online lobby. Comes with multiple games, and over 100 more games and maps that can be downloaded from the user community. It is open source, needing only Java 6 to run (can run on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc). Supports features such as savegames, encrypted dice gen, low luck, and many other options. Recreate World War 2 with the Axis pushing through to Moscow and Japan devouring the Pacific, or recreate Napoleon's march across Europe, or Rome defeating the Carthaginian Empire, or even Sauron conquering Middle Earth, or Zombies taking over America! If you have ever played a game where you push little plastic or virtual pieces around, roll dice, conquer the lands of your enemy, and produce new pieces to conquer with, Then you will be able to jump right into TripleA! An example game that comes included with TripleA is "Big World: 1942" A scenario loosely based on the year 1942 in World War 2. In Europe, Germany has Leningrad besieged, stands at the gates of Moscow, and is on the verge of defeat at Stalingrad. In the Pacific, Japan has expanded explosively but faces a possible turning point at Midway. Germany and Japan fight as the Axis pitted against the Allies of Russia, the United Kingdom, China, and the United States of America. Players will take control of these nations, using their armies, navies, and air forces to battle out who will control the world. Player have such units as Infantry, Artillery, Tanks, Fighters, Bombers, Transport ships, Submarines, Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Anti-Aircraft Guns, and Factories. All of these units have special functions and features, and all attack and defend at differing values (represented by rolling a die for each unit and getting a certain number or less). Territories have different values, both strategically and production value, which can be used to produce more units to use the next turn. Players must work with their team mates, developing strategies and producing units to reach their ultimate goal: Victory! TripleA will run on any platform that has Java 6 installed (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.); just choose the download that applies to you. TripleA's features: Game Modes: - Team play, free for all, 1v1 - Single player vs. AI, and hot-seat mode - Multiplayer using Play By Email (pbem) - Multiplayer via direct connect and LAN - Multiplayer using a free online lobby (with support for things like booting, moderators, etc.) (TripleA's main purpose is for online play against other people, and it was created as such. To truly experience TripleA, you must try out the online lobby.) Secure: - Online games use a dice server which sends encrypted dice to both players at the same time. - Save Games are encrypted also (you can save a multiplayer game and pick it up at a later time). Special Game Features: - Can Save at any moment - Player disconnect generate a savegame, so that you can rehost without losing any time or information, and can even replace the player who dropped if need be - Can view game history at any moment, showing not just what happened and the dice rolled, but also how the entire board/map looked - Many game options, including a Bidding system, and Low Luck (a method of reducing the luck in a dice game) - Edit mode to add and delete units, change money, change territory ownership, and even move pieces around - Over 18 different skins for the user interface, ability to switch map skins in game - Can zoom out on maps, and can change the size of the units - Online and in-game chat, support for sounds - Battle Calculator shows you average results of 5000 simulated battles of opposing forces you choose from - Dice and Game statistics, shown in game and can be exported to files - Ability to set different victory condition Huge Variety: - Though the majority of our maps and games revolve around World War II, we also have: * World War I games * World War 3 games, like the Cold War or future conflicts * Fantasy styled games, like Lord of the Rings games and Dungeons and Dragons * Ancient History games, like the Punic Wars between the Roman Empire and Carthage * Other Historical conflicts, like the Napoleonic Wars * Abstract Maps, like things on hex maps * Futuristic games, like Star Wars, or Zombieland User Created Content: - TripleA contains the ability to download maps. Just click the "Download Maps" button, and put in the link of where the maps are coming from. This will display a list of all the maps hosted by that website. These links can be found on our forum and in our online lobby. (We do not provide the links ourselves since the maps are user created and hosted by such users.) - Though TripleA only comes with four maps and games installed, there are over 60 user created maps and over 100 user created games for these maps. Many of these games, like "New World Order”, have generated quite a following. - Simple and easy to create your own maps and games for. - Rules can vary by map, depending on what the map creator wants. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you, The TripleA Developers (Sean G. Bridges, Comrade Kev, Wisconsin, and Veqryn) The GNU Public License is both in the source code and is the License folder when the game is installed. tags: free,online,multiplayer,strategy,board,game,pbem,singleplayer,ai,lobby,turn,based,turnbased,turn-based,world,war,worldwar,ww2,wwII,maps,ww1,wargame,tabletop,dice,risk,axis,allies,axis and allies,a&a,lhtr,bigworld,greatwar,big world,great war,new world order,1939,1940,1941,1942,pacific,europe,revised, low luck ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Source: Readme_and_HowTo_Download_Maps.txt, updated 2011-05-12