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  • Nice physics, devs should change the gravity, it's not very realistic...

  • Very good project. I hope you keep on doing it, it'll be the best. Congratulations, I wanna help with translations! I'd be proud of that.

  • Very neat game & works well with Xpadder. This 2006 game has been updated to a 2012 build.

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  • Only recently discoverd this. Really enjoy it and the range of tracks available. My laptop is very old (800Mhz, 500Mb) but runs most maps fine. For some I edit the level files to remove rain, as that seems to take up processor capacity. The driving control is difficult,rightly so, but I found by editing a vehicle file to weight =2350 as opposed to 1350 gives a beginners control, although amusing wheels in sand effect. I'd love for the game to remember track times which is an old request in the forum, but doesn't seem to be in yet. I guess the originator is now more focussed on the online trigger rally which my computer is too slow to work with. Nevermind, plenty of fun with this game. Have now played the latest 0.6.3 version and amazed at the improvements. Loads more tracks, much improved menus and impressive graphics for this type of game. The developers have done a good job. The ideas in the discussion for the next (final) version are also encouraging. No unlocking of cars or events are needed, (too many other games do this), but must do recording of players best times at least. Also maybe write a manual for newbies for editing the xml files for tweaking the game, rather than huge effort putting tweaks into menus.

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  • A well made game with decent physics for drifting. I am able to feel the different ground surface textures between slip and grip as the terrain changes. I like to use QJoyPad in Xubuntu Linux for configuring my Logitech Dual Action game controller, as I like using Joy2Key in Windows for this. I really enjoy drifting in racing games and this one has good physics for it. I just with there were more stages/tracks to drive in. Currently (2013.09.24), my best scores are: 01:25:07 Far Far Away, 01:08:17 Operation Desert Storm, 01:58:18 Snow Level, 05:30:85 Tea In The Sahara. The Tea In The Sahara track is my favorite for the use of my controlled flipping techniques. I use the rebound from controlled flipping to prevent tumbling and land back on my tires facing forward to lower my track times. Recently learned how to reduce the wasted energy to lower my times more. This game is really fun to play after work.

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  • Great Game with good physics for drifting. It's hard to control via keyboard since every keystroke has a huge effect and it's easy to drift away. One of the best things about Trigger Rally is the fact, that it's quite easy to adapt. You only need to tweak XML documents. If you want to add new maps, that's done with a couple of simple images...

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  • realy cool game

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  • nice off-road game. This is one of my favorites along with 2XL MX Offroad which I just got for my android.

  • Not a bad game. It could be better with more cars and tracks.

  • Amazing, a lot of potential in this game.

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  • Simple but nice racing game. Driving physics and drift feeling are very good.

  • really good offroad racing game, hard to win - would be glad to get more tracks... :)