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Triathlon Training Diary ============================== Common ====== Triathlon Training Diary is made for planning and tracking sports activities. The software has been developed on Linux (Debian Lenny) and is based on tcl/tk. The source code is platform independent and can be run on different operating systems like Linux, Windows and Mac OS. For easiest use there are stand-allone applications: There is no more need to install any runtime environment (tcl/tk) and any additional packages. Installation on Windows ======================= Copy the package (i.e. to any place in your user directory (i.e. C:\Users\Username\programs) and unpack it there. There is no more installation routine and no registry settings are made. You can now start Triathlon Training Diary by (double)clicking ttdiary.exe. Installation on Linux ===================== A good place to "install" Triathlon Training Diary is /opt. You can also use any user-subdirectory like /home/username/programs. So unzip the package (i.e. there. Ready! Start ttdiary from shell or file browser or create a link in your taskbar. Installation on Linux64 ======================= Triathlon Training Diary on Linux 64 bit systems requires the shared library libstdc++5. Install the corresponding package (libstdc++5 on debian systems) first or else you will get an error like this: "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" Working directory ================= Triathlon Training Diary needs a directory to place different user data (exercise.xml, note.xml, sporttype.xml). Session settings and backup files are to be stored as well. All of these data were stored in files in the working directory. On Linux this directory is /home/username/.ttdiary. On Windows it is something like C:/Users/username/AppData/ttdiary (it depends on the APPDATA environment variable). You can also use a working-directory of your own choise by calling the application with the -workingdir argument (i.e. ttdiary -workingdir /home/username/.ttd). Running the sources =================== To run the sources you must meet several dependencies. The startup file is ttdiary.tcl. The following command should start the program: wish <path to ttdiary>/ttdiary.vfs/lib/app-ttdiary/ttdiary.tcl Interpreter: - tcl/tk 8.5 or newer version (Interpreter "wish") Packages (older packages can work, newer should work):- img::png: 1.3 - img::jpeg: 1.3 - tdom: 0.8.3 - BWidget: 1.9.2 - msgcat: 1.4.2 - tooltip: 1.4.4 - Tktable: 2.9
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