Team based Aliens vs Humans FPS with buildable structures.

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User Reviews

  • An old game, and still a great game, hopeless development team. MG dev team have done very little except make lots of promises and very little updating in many years. This game needs to be forked, and done properly, but so far that hasn't worked well because the Tremulous community has got to be among the most troll-overpopulated of any Quake-type game that I have EVER come across. Keep off the main forums, and just go to one of the clan forums or other server forums instead if you want to meet nice people.

  • one of the greatest FPS ever! very interesting and non-standard gameplay

  • Awesome team FPS. Kind of a cross between Starcraft and Quake. It would be fun to see it redone with a more modern engine and a full-blown RTS tech tree. (Sadly the processing power just wasn't really there to do that when it was first developed.)

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  • Stupid admins. Constant harassment. Racists. Do I really need to add anything else??? Stay away from this game. It's dead anyway.

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