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  • Thanks for good program!

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  • Haven't used it yet: readme.txt NAIF files links are out of date. update naif0009.tls to naif0010.tls, naif0009.tls.pc to naif0010.tls.pc, sat342.bsp to sat353.bsp. mar085.bsp and plu021.bsp are not mentioned. See you later! The DLL files related to Visual C++ Redistributable do not function properly (for whatever reason), if they give trouble, just download the Visual C++ Redistributable from Microsoft and delete the ones that came with the download. Next up, getting it to start up with the SPICE files. For some reason it bombs out with no log when the files in the data directory don't agree with kernels.furnish (that happened because my SPICE files are newer as above), so I have to do this from the command line. So please, give me some way of looking up why it went CTD when it knows, please (best: a Windows GUI error message saying that, for example, that "SPICE kernel wtf666.bsp was not found in the data directory!") Glitch: Menu does not automatically draw sometimes when I click on it. To work around this, I am resizing the window to force a redraw. I have Aero visual effects turned off (for everything, not just Trajectories). I've also seen no evidence so far that a Lambert solver exists, and basic camera navigation has proven difficult. I recommend implementing camera controls similar to those in Orbiter (i.e.: PgUp and PgDn for distance control, currently they activate some sort of automatic rotation.) Moving the rendered event point on the timeline (or some point during cruise or event) is pretty clunky. Please implement VCR buttons or similar. If you like, I've already updated the kernels.furnish file for the above SPICE file updates (mar085, but not plu021) Is there any way to "comment" a kernel.furnish line so I can inhibit a SPICE file (i.e.: I don't need to know where all the moons of Neptune are if I'm going from Earth to Mars) without actually deleting the line? Thanks.

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