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  • Like tortoise to use svn very much, great job guys. What it may be a little more excellent for some impatient men like me is a lock-button for each window, so that <Esc> key does not close the window. I found this only in eclipse, were you can hold your search-result-windows - this is very nice in my opinion. keep on making good tortoise for the rest of the world, thanks a lot.

  • list of Library books

  • Good

  • Makes handling SVN-repositories really nice and idiot-proof.

  • Really cool tool, is extremly user friendly

  • You have an error in the latest MSI. The ProductName property has the value 'TortoiseSVN (64 bit)' but ProductVersion has the value '1.9.27285'. Windows Installer convention is that version numbers are not included in the ProductName property, although "Edition" details can be. For example, if your product was called "TortoiseSVN 2016" then that would be in the ProductName property's value.

  • Tortoise is great we use it Free for a team over 80 people using versioning and never had a problem . Anyone know versioning soft for softaculous server (unix) to install in my site ? to download , as phpbb software and onwcloud . paulvill76 at cheers pablo

  • I never saw better :)

  • Best of breed.

  • It's very good. i like it. [color=white][/color]

  • The best Windows client..., but the program often locks up on our engineers, telling them to run the Cleanup command, which then bombs, leaving them *totally* f*ck*d. Not even a reinstall works. In style, when there is a problem, it always tells you to do this-and-that first, but never offers to do so, nor does it offer any guarantee that the problem will actually be resolved. So lots of time lost on silly things like locks and refusing to work in what are essentially single developer interactions with the repo! Best SVN, but then again, apparently SVN isn't all that great.

  • Tortoise is great, 5 stars but the installer is loaded with malware, avoid if at all possible.

  • nice but not super

  • Great program!

  • Very nice

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  • thats very interesting.

  • This is the best SVN client.

  • The best Subversion client for Windows.

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  • good

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  • Good!

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  • very nice software...simple and effective.

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