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  • Much quicker than sqldevelopper and also less powerful. It fits my needs.

  • Basically this is a good tool. But I don't like the new version. It misses 2 good features compared to version 2.1.3: format code and code completion. 2.1.3 works great on both Windows and Linux, so those who don't like the new version can try the older version 2.1.3.

  • Its very odd that this project has been given 5 stars by so many reviewers with little more then a single sentence in most cases. I was looking an alternative to SLQ Developer and TOAD (Windows 7 client against Oracle DB). Do not waste a day of your time test driving this application. All the icons on the "tables" tab of the Browser tool do nothing. You can not Create NewTable, Modify Table Columns, Modify Constraints, Modify Indexes, Drop Table, Enable/Disable Constraints Or Triggers. Insert statements that ran in TOAD and SQL Developer gave me a ORA-00911: invalid character error. Setting up connections to my database took numerous guesses as documentation was almost useless and did not get installed with the app. Tora would always hang on exit and needed to be killed from the task manager. There is potential in this app but a lot of work needs to be done to get very very basic functionality working.

  • I installed it as a replacement for Toad, as it was mentioned here in the comments and some forums. I like open source and use it on a daily basis, but I got upset with this project - the simplest stuff I didn't even think in Toad about, became a real pain. I have multi-schema DB, where one schema collects objects from few other as a synonyms, TOra cannot do a simple select saying table not found, it is something very basic I didn't even know might become a trouble. BTW it's not Toad so smart, it works perfect in SQL Developer (that is not used due to performance and our java policy on Mac machines) and command line sqlplus. While choosing correct schema on right upper corner select works, I cannot do joins that are part of my daily routine. More advanced parts looks ugly as well, async operations in GUI are cool and make it non-glitch on blocking operations (Oracle DB I/O), but it's not enough to throw a thread and forget, Qt has bad design for thread synchronization and it's reflect in TOra - query timer is ticking while even after query is complete. I wonder why there are so much positive feedback, it looks suspicious.

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  • Great project, thanks a ton for posting

  • Great project, thanks a ton for posting

  • Convenient and powerful client and editor to work with PostgreSQL databases.

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  • TOra doesn't seem to work at all once it has crashed. Tried restarting computer twice. And how do I submit bug reports? The bug tracker appears read-only...

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  • Good and useful software

  • Has not let me down yet

  • very good project

  • nice tool for such complex DBMS as Oracle

  • Nice tool but does not work properly if the user has the Magnifier Tool set to Larger on their Windows desktop. When Larger-150% magnification is used, all text in Tora grids is cut in half and the grid rows are not expandable. You must set your font back to Smaller-100% (default) in order to read all the data in Tora. I have users who use the larger magnification so I change my machine to larger magnification when I develop for them... but then I can't use Tora for running/testing SQL. Would be nice if Tora grid rows adjusted size based on windows setting. -- Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display\Make text and other items larger or smaller Set to Larger-150% and restart machine

  • Helpfulness for us, for database's developers. Thanks.

  • Oracle is very complex system for beginners, but this project can really ease the work with it

  • Great job, thanks for conveying

  • This is good alternative to TOAD

  • very good project

  • excellent tools

  • Don't know why there are so many good reviews ! It's a real pain to get Tora to work. Using Win7 32bit with Oracle instant client 10 (tried 11 too) kept getting "unable to connect to the database ORA-38654784 missing error description" Try searching for that in google.. no such ORA error! Poor documentation, missing help file. WITHOUT CHANGING any settings, I whipped out TOAD (an ancient version btw) and it worked without a hitch. Tora is a disgrace and is putting open source a step back.

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  • Very useful app. I've used TOAD, plsql developer, and winsql. TOra is just as useful and powerful as any of them, plus it runs on linux, and can be used with mysql or postgres, not just Oracle.

  • This is a very good alternative to Toad or Oracle PL/SQL Developer and it runs off a USB drive ala portable applicaton.