Topal: Organic Parsing Language is a functional scripting language with non-strict semantics. It's designed for parsing (as opposed to lexing) with a focus on usability. The language uses procedures rather than functions. Procedures can contain conditional expressions and very basic data storage / bitwise operations. Additionally you can import DLL files and run their functions within the procedures. Procedure names and their argument names are not static; they are defined via a regular expression pattern. For the interpreter to work, it requires two inputs: the desired data for parsing and processing, and an OPL file containing the rules and actions for said input parsing and processing. Thus, procedures make up the entire semantics for a file given for interpretation. Hence, Topal is a parsing language.

In short, the system works as such:
Input -> Interpreter + .OPL File -> Interpreted Output

-Inspired by weev. One can only hope we don't join him in prison for doing arithmetic


  • Non-strict semantics
  • Dynamic syntax definition
  • Functional scripting
  • Chomsky's level 2 parsing

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