A windows to-do list. priority, state(status), short and long description, start and due and completed dates with calendar date picker, %completed, sorting. windows 2000 and up (unicode). should run under WINE. has NSIS installer.

currently this uses an Update Item button to update the database record. I may be able to fix this at some point in the future, but right now mingw-w64 doesn't compile UNIX style C++ stuff, and mingw doesn't create 64-bit executables. so I am stuck with autoit for now.


  • percent completed
  • priority (None, Low, Med, Hi)
  • States (Not Started, In Progress, Waiting, Stalled, Dependency, Completed)
  • short and long description
  • start, due, and completed dates with calendar picker
  • notification that due date has passed
  • dropdown list of short descriptions
  • sort dropdown list by start date, due date, completed date, priority, state, short desc
  • until I can get a C++ GUI toolkit I can use and learn to use it, I must have an Update Item button.

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  • You acted like a terrible man by removing "GIMP Massive Package ", so I too will act as a bad person and put all your projects bad reviews! Let everyone know that any of your projects can be deleted by you and ceases to exist!

  • Thanks for software and updates.

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  • Hi Jim I have done some testing on your to-do-list for Windows v1.2. Here are some issues: memory consumption increases when To-do-list is used, after 2 hours it used 400 MB. I have a feeling it might be because the date picker fields flicker. Date Picker doesn't work on my Windows 7 64-bit, High DPI. Also, the User Interface is a bit cluttered, some buttons are truncated, and there is no space on the edges. It would also be nice to have a list of my todo:s in the software, to get an overview. Regards, Rikard

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