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  • The best!!

  • I take it everywhere I go :)

  • Very, very light program, and fully featured.

  • Software is great!

  • I just love this program and use it for years now. Never had any problems with it. Highly recommended!

  • The best suite basen on free apps!

  • Just a great tool.

  • a great software,love it,very useful

  • the best, just works

  • Fast, easy-to-use, powerful... simply gets things done.

  • Nice and very helpful! Thank you!

  • Excellent piece of work.

  • It's actually really fast unlike what other users say.

  • Don't agree with Andreas. I think app is very fast. And have great realization in the code.

  • Fantastic project.

  • Awesome job, thanks for your time for sharing

  • High actual program, I'm just checking in turn at the regular to watch out for changes.

  • useful and portable library! but I wouldn't use it for large and complex xml's though.

  • The project idea is really good but personally I think you haven't done a very good job. To explain this attitude: The memory management is quite poor since you do not use any garbage collection or smart pointers. The main problem is that memory management can easily become confusing and very complex. Thus it is almost unavoidable to have memory leaks, segfaults, and so on. As a solution I would suggest the C++11 or boost shared pointers. Doing such a thing you would not emburden the application programmer with the task of doing the memory management even for the library. The heavy pointerwork needed to traverse a XML token graph is quite complex and confusing. Not only is it a lot of work for the programmer to simply traverse the parser graph but in combination with your memory management problem mentioned above also this is a source for many avoidable bugs and errors. The documentation could be a bit more explaining but is quite good in the whole. The library in general is, however, quite good and stable, so it most certainly is a quite useful tool.

  • easy use and stable, good job!

  • Document says it support Character Entities. But it is not supporting < and skipping & Similar posts on this forum have not been replied since 2009!

  • Poor job because the docs say it removes the special chars but it does not and I have 2.6.1.

  • good project, but still have bug, when delete xmldocument, some exception happens otherwise memory leaks in program

  • Since reading about this project in "C++ Cookbook", it's all I use now!

  • Very nice, easy to use!This is just what I need!

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