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  • Great app for free! It does the basics very well, however, a little light in some options, so I'll only give it 4 stars. A couple things I'd like, in order of importance: changing the scale doesn't rescale the signals (could be an option), the measurement lines do not display time delta, no copy/paste for repeating patterns or signals (Edit: actually you can copy & paste a whole trace). Free text and analog signals can be handled by exporting to PNG and editing the image. The guide is a great combination of conciseness and completeness, not easy to do! But it doesn't mention that you can change the order of the traces by selecting and dragging a trace.

  • Looks a good tool initially, but it would be nice to change the tick size to sub 1 ns. I am looking at designs clocking at 250 MHz and want to create timing diagrams for documentation.

  • Decent basic timing diagram editor. However, you can't: 1) insert free text on diagrams 2) draw horizontal lines without first drawing a vertical line. would be nice to draw a horizontal line on any tick without having to put a vertical line on it first. 3) Create a time scale of arbitrary length. Have to drag it out by hand. I would be using it if it had these features.

  • I found the interface non-intuitive but definitely worth using. @mpa47: You can use with more 12 clock cycles. I stopped adding clocks after I reached 100.

  • One of the best timing diagram editors I've ever seen. Easy to use and produces very good looking pictures of timing diagrams. There are some issues with PS and SVG export, but they are easy to work around.

  • look a great simple app, but can't use it with more than 12 clock I right? =(

  • best free timing editor, a new release from source code would be great

  • such a great application for a digital engineer such as myself! Goodbye fumbling around with Visio to create simple timing waveforms!