TimeTrex is a complete web-based payroll and time management suite which offers employee scheduling, time & attendance (timeclock, timesheet), job costing, human resource management (HRM), invoicing and payroll all in tightly integrated package. [Timesheet,payroll,timeclock,payroll,timesheet,hrm,human resource management, workforce management]


  • time and attendance
  • payroll
  • scheduling
  • timeclock
  • timesheet
  • job costing
  • human resource management (HRM)
  • workforce management
  • recruitment
  • applicant tracking

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User Reviews

  • This program much superior than others. Cannot believe that is all free! Good tracking and well organized, helpful to pay all types of employee and contract. Great to be use!

  • This is good application, one more feature i needed or other manufacture using. 1. split schedule , wich employee in-breakout breakin-out with scheduled name (ex:splitA (schedule name) 10:00-14:00 18:00-22:00) 2. import from csv schedule of employee 3. total a day employee working may this can give you some idea thats my client needed. Thank You & Good Job

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  • An excellent option for employee time management. Does allow for some source customization if you are adventurous, but works fine right from the start. Upgrades are easy enough to do and has backup/recovery options built right in, though you will want to to store those in a non-local destination, as one should. Since I am on their mailing list I get notifications about security patches and updates, so they are as transparent as one can hope a developer could be. And the user passwords are not stored in plain text on the database, which should be expected, but isn't always the case. The newest version if HTML5 based but they have fallbacks to old versions if you have some old tie-in they should continue to work as of Oct 2014. Their services look really nice and would be great if you have a large employee base that would be better served with dedicated punch hardware. I was torn between 4 and 5 stars. I rounded up because of their continuous efforts to improve, as demonstrated by bug notifications and upgrading to HTML5.

    1 user found this review helpful.
  • Thank you so much for this software, its better than most software I've purchased for thousands of dollars that do way less. They are releasing new versions for it all the time too, its very active. Beware of some of the bad reviews, they are clearly competitors trying to give this software a bad review by flat out lying, obviously they feel threatened by such great work. Especially any mention of malware, I scanned this with three different scanners and there is no malware in it at all, but like most free software you can download it from thousands of different websites, each of which can add their own malware into it, scummy sites like download.com do this all the time, never get anything from them. Always download software directly from the source to be sure its safe! .

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