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* TSmon will have a Thinstation checkin and report various system metrics once every minute to a server. From the server's web interface, you can connect to a TS using VNC or SSH from in your browser, reboot or send a command to a single TS or multiple TS's, and edit the TS config file. Installation info can be found in the Documentation folder of the package. MySQL database required. See the png file for a screenshot. * Netkitty is a very simple "last seen" monitor reporting basic info about the TS clients when booting. Reports in flat file format. It reports MAC, IP, host name, TS version, SESSION_0, last seen date. * Saferemove: simple desktop utility to flush file buffers before removing devices. * FOX-calculator is a scientific calculator for the desktop. * xfe is a traditional desktop filemanager with editor, image viewer and (de)compression tools. Screenshots at
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